Doctor Who Will Get a New, Recurring Character in Series 8


The BBC announced this week that, in Series 8, the TARDIS will have a new houseguest every now again in character “Danny Pink,” a teacher who works with Clara Oswald at the Coal Hill School.  Samuel Anderson, who plays Mr. Pink, will work alongside Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi in this historically British endeavor, but in what capacity? Moffat and the BBC are being quite tight-lipped about Pink’s involvement with the Doctor, but I for one am excited to see a handsome, young black man traveling through all of time and space. Let’s hope that he is a substantial character and not a toss-away (like poor Mickey Smith). Could this be a potential love interest for Clara? Is Mr. Pink an alien? How much does this guy actually know about the Doctor? We will have to wait until Fall 2014 for answers, but you can give us your theories in the comment section below.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Wholigan

aka The Collectiva Diva


5 thoughts

  1. Yay! I hope he is a love interest for Clara. I may not like her very much but having someone you’be been crushing on change into someone that looks like your grandfather must be tough. I also hope he has something to do with the Pompeii-Children of Earth-Twelve thing. Just because I am seriously excited for that story.

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