Geek Chic: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Nerd


Valentine’s Day is this Friday, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve procrastinated to the point of fearful resignation that the day is not going to end well for you. Well, fear not, nerds! The Collectiva Diva is here with 5 geek gift ideas for that person to whom you have sworn allegiance until your Winchester rolls along.

11th Doctor Bathrobe $40

For the Whovian in your life who also refuses to get dressed while at home, this plush bathrobe is perfect for lounging around and watching Doctor Who all weekend long.

Tetris Cufflinks $35

If you can get your guy into a suit and tie, more power to you! If not, perhaps these awesome Tetris gaming cufflinks will help convince him.


Grassy Lawn Charging Station $18

All the perks of grass without the pesky upkeep. This charging station hides the chords and looks cool sitting on your desk at home or at work. I mean, your significant other’s desk.


Team Free Will Pillow Covers $75

While 2 Winchesters and a being made up of celestial intent might be my ideal snuggle buddies, these pillows by Unicorn Empire Prints are pretty sweet, too.


3 Geek Prints for $51

The Geekerie on Etsy is one of my favorite shops and this deal cannot be beat. If your Valentine’s Day dork enjoys minimalist art work with a side of nerd, these folks do it best.



The Collectiva Diva