Sherlocked: A 2014 Convention for the Fandom


This week, the Sherlock super genius, Sue Vertue, confirmed that there will be an official BBC Sherlock convention (aptly title “Sherlocked) held in 2014 in the US and Europe. The announcement came after a week long social media blitz that looked like this:


An observant consulting fangirl (or boy) might notice that each of the missing letters in the above screen shots creates the word “convention”. How clever! The fan convention has apparently been in the works since 2012 and will be hosted by Massive Events with details, including confirmed guests, announced in the next few months. There is no word on where in the US the con will be, but it will include themed activities, guest appearances, photo ops, autograph sessions and all the things we love from a good con. No doubt that this first event will have a lot of interest, with tickets selling out fairly fast. If you are interested in receiving email alerts, subscribe at the Massive Events page and be the first to know what, who, when and where. I don’t know about you, but I am excited about the prospect of The Collectress taking a picture with Martin Freeman in jumpers with jam.

Oh, and Benedict.


The Collectiva Diva

**Images courtesy of Massive Events and are not my property or brilliant idea at all**