Villains of Note: Crowley

Today marks the installation of a series both I and the Collectress will be working on the next few months. We have a soft spot for the bad guy (or gal), and figured you might, too. This week’s villain of note is from a little show, not sure if you’ve heard of it, Supernatural, featuring Crowley, the King of Hell.


Name and Rank:

Crowley the former Crossroads demon, current King of Hell.

Distinguishing Traits:

Snide comments, witty remarks and he came up with the nicknames “Moose” and “Squirrel”.

The Devil You Know:

Crowley claims he was born in Scotland, 1661 as Fergus Roderick McLeod. He originally sold his soul to a demon for 3 inches onto his penis to get him to those coveted”double digits”. The ladder-climbing demon became King of the Crossroads  and Lilith’s consort at some point in time. He also speaks Enochian, is pyrokinetic and has telekinetic abilities, although he doesn’t flaunt his powers. The King of Hell’s eyes turn red when he goes demon and is the only one on the show to smoke red when he exits his meat suit. Crowley is always looking out for Crowley, although season 8 and 9 have given viewers a softer side of the top dog demon and put him in league with one of my favorite Winchesters.


Favorite Scene:

When Crowley walks into a room, he manages to captivate everyone in it. He teases the Winchesters and Cas mercilessly, he’s one of the first characters to call out Destiel on screen and he even kissed Bobby! That being said, S08E23, “Sacrifice” gives audiences a very different version of the King of Hell than we normally see. Where Crowley is usually confident, unrepentant and snooty, his scenes in the church with Sam are intense and the complete opposite of his typical fodder. We get Crowley remembering his evil deeds and feeling something in regards to what he has done during his stint as a demon on Earth. It is intense, thoughtful and insightful into the character of Crowley, who has been a fan favorite and staple on the show since he was mentioned in S03E15 and debuted in S05E10. This big bad doesn’t look to be given up the throne, not even to the badass Knight of Hell, Abaddon, any time soon.

Not So Bad or Just Plain Evil?

Not so bad. Crowley always keeps his demon deals, he gets along smashingly with the Winchesters and he’s kinda adorable. He’s helped the boys almost as much as he’s screwed them over. I think he’s got a soft spot for Moose.



The Collectiva Diva

**none of these images belong to me, although i might sell my soul for a night with the winchesters**