Enjoy a Few British Boys on Sesame Street

Sesame Street is no stranger to film, music and television stars in the neighborhood. I’ve always looked at the show as an American phenomenon, but it seems the British are catching on. Let’s take a look at a few British cuties who enjoy teaching, learning and interacting with the playful puppets.

One of my favorite segments of Sesame Street is counting with Count Dracula. That puppet loves numbers! Watch below the adorable”Benedict-Sherlock” and “Murray-arty” have fun with the Count deducing apples and oranges. Oh, and I think Murray ships Johnlock. Just saying!

The PBS television show, Sesame Street has always been a popular destination for famous folks. Celebrities seem to genuinely enjoy their time on the block and many find some really unique things to do. That being said, I have never seen a sexier segment on this television show than when Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster discuss the merits of delayed gratification. Not that I’d have any restraint with those cookies…or Tom.

We all know that PBS and Sesame Street supports the arts. I used to love staying up to watch the telethons with singers, actors and volunteers all working together to raise money for the public access channel. My mom even answered phones one year back in the 80s! Donating to PBS makes each one of us contributors to the arts. You know what I support, though? Patrick Stewart reciting a Hamlet-esque Shakespearean soliloquy to the letter B.

As a child, I learned how to tie my shoe, wash the dishes, count to ten and be kind to my sister all from Sesame Street. I also learned to love words and the way that we can use them to express ourselves through poetry, stories and song. Watch as Henry Cavill steps into a fairy tale to help the “Big Bad” and his piggy enemies understand the word respect.



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