The Collective Podcast: Sherlock Series 3, “His Last Vow”

Image Property of the BBC
Image Property of the BBC

His Last Vow

We have come to the end, dear readers. The Collective bloggers have truly enjoyed series 3 of the BBC’s Sherlock, especially creating these podcasts for you, but tonight marked the end of the shortest damn season in the history of seasons on PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre. “His Last Vow” premiered to American Sherlockians Sunday, February 2 and, I don’t know about you, but that last bit has me jonesing for series 4 and 5, which Moffat has confirmed and the BBC are desperate for. Still, rumor has it that the gap between seasons will not shorten, due to scheduling conflicts with Benedict and Martin’s schedules as well as, oh, I dunno, Moffat and Gatiss and Doctor Who and all that. We’ve got a great team on this show and I, for one, will remain a steadfast Sherlockian, waiting on baited breath for what comes next. Listen to the podcast link below to hear the Collective bloggers discuss the Watsons, the Holmes brothers, old villains and new. If you enjoyed this podcast series, let us know in the comments! We are thinking of doing more, but wouldn’t mind a little affirmation down in the comment section. After you’ve listened, head over to our  page at to see the all new posts for this episode.

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