So this week’s episode of Supernatural  had one big plot hole: Where the f**k was Castiel? After the founding of last week’s BrotP with Sam, we fully expected there to be an explanation as to why the angel wasn’t braiding his new bestie’s hair. The writers gave us nothing except a little bit of jealousy from Dean (he doesn’t like to share his angel).

True to SPN fandom style, over on Twitter we had a big debate about where Castiel was as the show aired. This tweet had me laughing through an entire commercial break.

The Collectiva diva and I are absolutely in love with the Destiel Network and the wonderful SPN fans that we tweet with, and so when we exclaimed in outrage, “BUT WHERE’S CAS!” it seemed like we all had our own ideas about what Cas was doing (I really like the Collectiva Diva’s idea, but it’s NC-17 and I couldn’t even type it up without blushing.) And then someone had the idea for the #WheresTheAngel tag on Twitter in which people tweet their ideas of what Cas is up to…and I’ve gotta tell you that I haven’t laughed so hard in years (and I totally blame @jessilikewhoa for making me snort hot tea out of my nose!) Here’s some of my favorites from the tag on Twitter, and believe you me, if I had photoshop, I’d be adding some of my own!


I think that’s a legit explanation.


You make your man some pie, Cas!


I would have watched this if I’d known…


*sniff* poor bb.


I want this to be true so badly it hurts. Which one do I stare at? The hedgehog, the cheekbones, or the angel?


The angel and Sheriff Rick and Daryl Dixon fighting zombies? I’d pay so much for that to happen.



Just follow the Yellow Brick Road, Cas. But beware of poppies. And monkeys. And guys in fuzzy green hats.

And this is when I died.

Thanks for the laughs, you awesome Twitterers. I can’t wait to see more of these!

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress


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