The Collective Podcast: Sherlock Series 3, “The Sign of Three”

Image property of the BBC
Image property of the BBC

The Sign of Three

This week, the Collectress and The Collectiva Diva celebrate a wedding as we discuss the BBC’s Sherlock, “The Sign of Three”, which premiered in the US on Sunday, January 26 on Masterpiece Theatre PBS.

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa and click the audio below to listen to The Collective Podcast Episode 2. We will share our thoughts on the famed wedding, the stag party and our theories about Charles Augustus Magnussen, the supposed villain of series 3 that we haven’t yet seen. While you listen, take a trip to our Tumblr page to see some of our favorite spoilers for this episode. Cheers!

link to podcast episode 1

**The Collective Podcast was written and performed by The Collectress and The Collectiva Diva; produced by P.G. York, January 2014**