Fanfic Wednesday: An Avalanche of Detour Signs

Title: An Avalanche of Detour Signs

Author: Gyzym           Word Count: 56053

Pairing: Molly Hooper x Greg Lestrade

Warnings: Rated M for Sexual Situations

The Premise

Author’s Summary: In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn’t know she was looking for–not necessarily in that order.

My Thoughts

What, the Collectress is reccing het fic now? Yes, yes I do read het. Occasionally. After recording the podcast for “The Sign of Three” with the Collectiva Diva, I felt the need to delve into Sherlock fanfiction. So I found a new ship, I boarded it, and here I am, reccing it.

The beauty of this fic  is that it has practically no Sherlock in it. Now, I love Sherlock, I do, but as Molly says in this story, when Sherlock is around, it’s hard to pay attention to anyone else. This fic covers Molly’s POV throughout the first two series, and includes her relationship with Jim Moriarty. I think we often get so wrapped up in John and Sherlock’s almost-exploding at the pool that we forget that Molly dated the psychopath. So parts of this fic creeped me out (the sex between Molly and Moriarty is just downright uncomfortable to read), but I felt Molly’s growth throughout the series, and her friendship, and later romance, with Detective Inspector Lestrade is powerful and had me grinning like a loon.

This is a slow-burn romance. The author is very careful to keep the fic canon-compliant, and I really appreciated the lengths she went to make sure that Molly was every bit as important as Sherlock claims she is. Molly’s relationship with Lestrade is really, quite perfect now that I think about it. I rarely have a second ship from the same show, but this fic has shown me the light, so to speak. Gyzym’s got a lovely way of blending the awkwardness of reality (Molly doesn’t have the most eloquent dialogue) and the fluffiness of fanfiction romance, and I couldn’t get enough of her writing style. She’s really got some gorgeous sentences in this one, and some really hilarious moments like this:

Molly stands stock-still for a second and then has to put both hands over her mouth to keep herself from laughing out loud. Greg’s in the shower, and he’s singing Baby, One More Time, and that’s just…god, it’s probably just that she’s exhausted, but there has never been anything funnier than that in the history of time. Even that video of Sherlock fighting a sedative, which Greg had shown her the day after the business with the meningitis (“You must never tell anyone this exists,” he’d told her solemnly, pulling it up on his phone, “it’s the ultimate morale booster, I’m saving it in case there’s ever an actual zombie apocalypse,”) doesn’t compete with this, and Molly can’t even bring herself to move, because she’s afraid the threatening giggling fit will engulf her if she does.

My Recommendation

Read this if you love Molly Hooper. Read this if you don’t love Molly Hooper and don’t have Sherlock Holmes around to text “Wrong!” at you repeatedly.

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress


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