Fanfic Writer Spotlight: Emmagrant01 (NSFW)

I don’t usually do this. I usually leave the fanfiction recs to the Collectress, preferring to stay in my dark cave, reading smut and swooning silently. This time, I’ve got to share one of my favorite Johnlock writers with you because I don’t think the Collectress can handle this avenue of porn. We all have lines and this is one she just won’t cross. Well, she has, but unwittingly and she won’t do it again. Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t finished series 3 of the BBC’s Sherlock, this writer has written fics to reflect up to “His Last Vow”, so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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A Cure For Boredom!Verse

With 16 works by this author tagged “Sherlock (TV)”, readers have more than enough here to satiate the need for good smut. Her most popular work, “A Cure For Boredom”, has been rec’d on this blog before, but my fellow blogger forgot to mention that in addition to this piece, written in the POV of John Watson, Emmagrant01 has also penned a version entirely in Sherlock’s POV, plus a few additional and alternate scenes that add up to a steamy time to be had by all. The premise of the fic revolves around the fact that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t know what sex is all about and he is also a bit of a voyeur, so he experiments on his willing and trusting test subject, John Watson. Oh, and Mycroft is a kinky bastard.

When my fic reader friends and I discuss a smut scale of 1 to 10, 1 usually reflects a tasteful blowjob or the like and 10 is, well, this fic.

art by moonblossom

Emmagrant01 also has written a number of other, shorter, PWP Johnlock, Sherlolly and even John/Lestrade pieces that are great reads. My new favorite is “Orange“, written just hours after “The Sign of Three” premiered on BBC One in the UK and reflects a special bond between Mary, John and Sherlock with promising results.

Here are a few more of Emmagrant01’s darkest and dirtiest fics to hold you over:

Down–Moriarty and Sherlock have issues. (Spoiler for S03E03)

About the Hat–John’s found out how to put Sherlock’s deerstalker to good use.

The Making Of–Lestrade, John and Sherlock should try and make this work.

If you are into the kink!tags that Emmagrant01 lists, then these stories are indeed superb specimens. Most of it is slash, so if that makes you squick, well first of all, why are you reading this blog? Secondly, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS BLOG? 


The Collectiva Diva


    1. acollectivemind

      This has to be my all time favorite Johnlock fic. It has everything I look for in a good story–including an actual “case” and a lot of great porn. Emmagrant01, we love your stuff, keep up the good work!

      1. AgzyM

        Definitely and despite characters being placed in somewhat…compromising positions… they are so well written and believable and that’s rare with fanfics of *cough* mature content. It my go-to reading when I’m having a bad day and need to get lost in a good read 🙂

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