The Collective Podcast: Sherlock Series 3, “The Empty Hearse”


The Collective Podcast

Episode 1

PBS and Masterpiece Theatre premiered the BBC’s Sherlock tonight, Sunday, January 19 and the Collective bloggers have loads to talk about that we’ve been holding in for, oh, the whole of January.

Click the audio below to listen to the first ever Collective Podcast. The Collectiva Diva and the Collectress discuss Sherlock series 3 episode 1, “The Empty Hearse”, ship a bit of Johnlock and swoon over Amanda Abbington, all while not spilling our tea.

The Collective bloggers will broadcast our podcast episode 2 next week, January 26th, with our thoughts on Sherlock’s “The Sign of Three”. We have also started to spam our Tumblr with loads of Sherlock posts, so be warned, friends and enjoy!

link to podcast episode 2

**The Collective Podcast was written and performed by The Collectress and The Collectiva Diva; produced by P.G. York, January 2014**


  1. Bec Graham

    Omg when Mycroft calls Sherlock “Brother-of-mine”? P
    Totally flashed to that ep of Doctor Who “Family of Blood”.


    Anyways, you guys are hilarious! Thanks again for the shout out 🙂

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