The Oscars 2014: The Nominees

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I’m not much for award shows but  I have a particularly softness in my cold heart for the Academy Awards. Mostly because it usually falls on/around my birthday and it gives me a wonderful excuse to throw a costume party (yes, I do dress up as one of the nominees. I’ve even done Captain Jack Sparrow).

Anyway, today the nominations were announced. I’m particularly thrilled that my future best friend, Cate Blanchett, got a nom. You can watch the nomination announcements in this video:

Or you can go to the Oscar website to see the full list.

Both American Hustle and Gravity  are leading the pack at a whopping ten nominations each, but 12 Years a Slave isn’t far behind with nine nominations. Now, excuse me, but I have some serious film watching to catch up on. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the nominees more closely, and I’ll be throwing out a few prediction.

I only have one prediction right now.

Cate Blanchett will win everything 

Because she is perfection.

Till next time, my film-watching fiends.

-The Collectress

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