Geek Chic: In the Style of 221B

We here at The Collective have a tradition of expressing our fangirl ways in what we wear as well as what we write. So, Sherlockians, here are a few must-haves for every fan of the world’s most famous consulting detective. Click on the artist/store name to view full item details (or to go and throw your money at them).

The Purple Shirt of MURDER, redbubble


Sherlockian Friendship Bracelets by ImpressedArt 

The Collectiva Diva and I have these. Yes, we’re adorable like that.

$25.50 on etsy.

Care for a cuppa of Moriartea? at Redbubble

From $24.54

The 221B Handbag by Timestitcher

I wonder if it comes with a Pocket Watson.

$20.00 on Etsy

Get Sherlock Shoes by PumperUpKicks

These are the perfect shoes to chase after Mr. Cumberbatch with…just saying.

$25.29 on etsy

Thank you for this one, Mary. Sweater by conversing

$34.00 on Etsy

For the CumberCollective by BayleafButtons

I bought this one for the Collectiva Diva. This shop also sells the quintessential “I Believe in Sherlock Holmes” button.

$1.50 on etsy

Because aren’t we all? Shirt by simplywalkintomordor

$25.30 on Etsy

For the Johnlock Shipper by Fandoms Against H8

I own this one on a shirt because A) I ship Johnlock like Fedex and B) a portion of the proceeds goes to support the fight against hate. (AND this store has shirts for almost any ship you sail, I highly recommend checking it out).

$15.70 on

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress


  1. Bec Graham

    I love this. I search the internet for the most awesome Sherlock stuff, and I stumbled across this the other day. I will be buying it when I have money (just had to buy some flights. God they’re expensive):
    Also, I bought this ages ago:
    a. Because I love me some Sherlock
    b. I love to blog 🙂

    1. acollectivemind

      Omigosh, I love that shirt! That’s my favorite Moriarty line. (Fun fact, at my NYE party, I had a male friend who put on a tiara and said that line with exaggerated British accent. Pretty much the best moment of my life.) And that pendant is perfect. I think I’m going to make the Collectiva Diva buy it for me for my birthday. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      1. Bec Graham

        Mine too. Well, besides “I’ll make you into shoes”.

        And that has to be the greatest NYE story I have ever heard. I should so do that next time I have a party. Serve IOU apples at the door 🙂

        No worries! Always happy to help to fellow Sherlockians. (PS His Last Vow….WHAT?!?!?!)

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