Shhh…The Collective Bloggers Are Recovering From Wicked Hangovers and Need a Week

The Collective gals have faithfully blogged through the holidays, and boy, do we need a break! We will be taking some time off from blogging January 4-12 to nurse this wicked Christmas break hangover. Look for us to return to the web Monday, January 13, the same week that SUPERNATURAL and ARROW return to television. Hallelujah! The hellatus is almost over.

The SPN Family has obviously gone crazy.


We also have a few amazing things planned to celebrate the American premiere of Sherlock series 3, including an upcoming podcast series with the Collective bloggers. Yes, we have already watched “The Empty Hearse”, but you’ll find no spoilers here. The US premiere is January 19, and we are saving our very LOUD opinions until then. Although, I’m just going to say, if you’ve been on Tumblr or Twitter or the internet other than this site, you’ve been spoiled.


If you get bored, read some fanfic recced to you by my dear Collectress while you wait.

Have you seen her Master Fic post on Tumblr? Goodness, there are enough ships there to storm a small country!

Now, get me some Tylenol and a bacon cheeseburger, I’m going back to bed…

The Collectiva Diva