Happy Holidays to the SPN Family!

All I Want For Christmas is the Supernatural Hellatus to End


I’ve experienced a few series hiatuses (yes, I looked it up and that is the plural word) in my time. The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, friggen Sherlock! Still, none as acutely as this ridiculous holiday hellatus that is the Supernatural Christmas break. When did I become so attached to this show? It happened sometime this summer, me thinks, when I put in more hours on Tumblr and AO3 for this fandom than I ever have with any other. In fact, if I’m being honest, I never felt more part of a fandom than with the SPN Family. Sherlockians are scattered, Whovians are pretentious, Walking Dead fans are, well, strange…but the SPN Family is just that, a family. From the cast and crew, to shippers, to the fellow mommy from Texas that is my friend on Twitter (shoutout to Brenda!), these are salt-of-the-earth (and salt all the windows and doors, too) folks who value the SPN mythology as much as I do and are not afraid to show it.

This holiday season, if you are missing Supernatural like I am, here are a few videos from the cast and crew and the fans to tide you over until January 14, 2014, when we get our boys back. Until then, happy holidays, SPN Family. May the new year bring you Winchesters aplenty!

Supernatural Season 9 Cast and Crew Holiday Party

Misha posted this video on Sunday, Dec 22, 2013. My thoughts–Where are the women? Where did the bathtub come from? How can I get an invitation?

Ghostfacers Christmas Special

The Ghostfacers enjoy a secret Santa gift exchange with hilarious results. These guys have great chemistry, and promise to be back at the SPN Cons in 2014!

Fan made Christmas Wishes video for the SPN Cast and Crew

This 2012 Christmas video was a project created by fans for the cast and crew of the show. Just another way that the fandom shares the love with the SPN Family.

Happy Holidays!

The Collectiva Diva