Stephen Amell’s Facebook Page is A True Gem

This is getting ridiculous.

I recently started watching the CW’s Arrow, and now I’m being bombarded with the adorableness that is Stephen Amell and the cast of the show. Stephen is not only a Twitter regular, but seems to utilize his Facebook page (different than the CW Arrow page) like an actual person. This week, he has posted a few pictures of himself with the cast and crew…plus Santa and Mrs. Claus. Be still my festive heart.

Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Willa Holland (Thea Queen), Susanna Thompson (Moira Queen) and of course the Claus’ fam.

Stephen has also religiously posted video Q&A sessions on the page for every 100K fans it receives. These are questions straight from the fans, in the comment section of the page, that he goes through and answers. It is a real testament to the relationship between the cast and the fans, and they are lovely to watch. The most recent Q&A (400k pt.2), Stephen addresses an important fan suggestion, which is to make a guest appearance on Supernatural. Of course, he goes into the fact that he recently live tweeted the ep, he was supposed to hang out with Jared and Jensen (they all film in Vancouver), la de da…AAAANNND I’m extremely excited that these three men, who seem to be friends IRL, are so sweet to their fans. Not only does Stephen directly interact with fans, he posts fan-made videos, funny fan-made pics and has made a point to let fans know that he is the one updating the page, not an intern or random crew member. This level of commitment to the Arrow audience is right out of the SPNFamily playbook and something I’ve noticed the CW network extols in their actors. Good on ya, CW, for continuously surprising me with great television and amazing, down-to-earth actors who really care about their fans.

If you haven’t watched Arrow yet, you are definitely missing out on this family friendly show. Luckily, Netflix has season one on demand, Hulu Plus and have season two, and so you have plenty of time between now and Wednesday, January 15 to catch up. What is 30 hours of your life when there is great television to be watched?


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Merry Christmas, from the Green Arrow.
Merry Christmas, from the Green Arrow.