Geek Chic: How Many Naked Calendars Can I Justify This Holiday Season? (NSFW)

At least two. The Warwick University Men’s Rowing Team stripped to fight homophobia with a percentage of proceeds from the 2014 calendar and their behind-the-scenes film sales going to the StandUp Foundation, a charity registered in both the UK and the US challenging homophobia. When this video ended up on YouTube, ovaries across the Pond exploded into pixie dust.

These handsome chaps get naked with their bros to create a lovely piece of art (it is!) and show, in the meantime, that homophobia is just plain stupid. This group of fit Brits are not afraid to bare a bit o’ ass for the cause, and their calendar is available on the website. The naked_rowers also tweet all sorts of gorgeous pics of themselves, and it takes all my restraint not to just continuously repost every picture. Check out the links above to purchase the 2014 calendar just in time for the new year. Also, I’m sure an actual rower will fit under my tree, if you’re so inclined.

Not to be forgotten, the Oxford University Rugby Team also created a 2014 calendar to help fund the fight against breast cancer. These fellas have 12 gorgeous pictures taken against a backdrop of Oxford landmarks, not that anyone would notice the Bridge of Sighs in the background. Proceeds from each sale will go to Against Breast Cancer UK and will also benefit my eyes and whichever secret wall this thing ends up on in my house.


Just in case you didn’t know what to get me.


The Collectiva Diva

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