BBC premieres a Sherlock Series 3 Interactive Trailer


This weekend, the BBC released an interactive trailer for Sherlock series 3, which premieres in the UK January 1, 2014. The trailer, hosted on, includes info the filming of “The Reichenbach Fall,” exclusive content from Series 3 and Sherlock’s snarky take on the Watsonstache. Less than a month until The Collective gals reveal our Sherlocked side, and you really should mentally prepare yourself. Sherlockians will take over Tumblr as soon as we get our Christmas day short, “Many Happy Returns”–which chronicles the story of those in London who indeed believe that #SherlockLives. Don’t worry, the mania will be short and sweet. With the series premiering all 3 episodes in less than 2 weeks, the fandom will explode, and then implode, hopefully reappearing sometime soon with a promised series 4.

This is going to be epic.


The Collectiva Diva


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