The 5 Christmas Movies A Geek Can’t Live Without

I love the holiday season. Decorations at my house go up as soon as Thanksgiving is over, while Christmas music hits the stereo around Halloween. As soon as school is out for me and the kid, we spend much of our time snuggled up in the living room with a fire, fresh baked cookies and a Christmas movie. So, let’s pop a bowl of popcorn, roast a few marshmallows and enjoy a few good films, shall we?

5) Gremlins

I want a Gizmo for Christmas and I cross my hearts I will not feed him after midnight. These mischievous monsters will steal your heart and your car keys in this classic eighties film that just happens to be set at Christmas time.

4) Edward Scissorhands

This heartwarming film is all about acceptance and connecting with people who are different than you. Also, the soundtrack is beautiful and Johnny Depp will blow you away in the title role. This is one of two Tim Burton/Danny Elfman Christmas themed films on my list, just because I can.

3) Bad Santa

You have not laughed properly if you have not watched Bad Santa. This is definitely not a family friendly Santa film, which makes it all the more hilarious that the entire movie is Billy Bob Thorton interacting with a 12 year old chubby ginger.

2) Elf

Buddy the Elf has more Christmas spirit in his pointy toe shoes than you have in your little finger. This unusual elf will help you step up your Christmas spirit game and maybe, just maybe, you will get to see Santa in Central Park.

1) Nightmare Before Christmas

Beware–if you watch this movie with me, I will sing along with every single song. This Elfman/Burton film has been my all-time favorite Christmas film ever since I was 13 because of the amazing music, the themes of freedom and change and of course, Jack Skellington–the Pumpkin King.


The Collectiva Diva

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