Mourning Sherlock Series 3

Very classy way to announce the airdate, BBC.
Very classy way to announce the airdate, BBC.

BBC Scheduling now confirms the following UK air dates for Sherlock:

S03E01: The Empty Hearse will air January 1, 2014.
S03E02: The Sign of Three will air January 5, 2014.
S03E03: His Last Vow will air January 12, 2014.

Sherlock series 3 has an official air date and the way the BBC shared the news seemed more than fitting. With an empty hearse touring the streets of London Friday morning, and the date “01/01/14” set up in funeral flowers, the fandom finally got what it was looking for: a bit of closure. Two years after series 2 premiered, it seems that fans will finally what we’ve been begging and pleading for since 2012. While the show’s American premiere date is January 19, I am not so much worried about the delay as the in-a-flash-it-is-gone issue I have with the air dates. After waiting so very long for this series to air, after avoiding #setlock pictures for months, obsessing over every interview with Stephen Moffat, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman that might mention this long lost project, Sherlock, is it wrong of me that I am a bit disappointed to see that series 3 will have come and gone in less than 2 weeks? I suppose I want to drag it out a bit more–savor the intricate plot lines and witty banter–so, 3 episodes in 12 days, well, it just hurts. I suppose it is a bit like Christmas, in that we get excited for December 1st to get here, so we begin buying gifts, putting up the lights and decorating the tree. We bake cookies, watch silly old films and go caroling, only to have December 25 come and go in a flash–the dutifully picked out wrapping paper strewn carelessly across the living room floor as gifts are opened and quickly tossed aside to make room for the next new, shiny thing.

Messy Living Room After the Christmas Presents Have Been Opened

Sigh…I’m pretty sure the Collectress thinks I’m a cynic for feeling this way. I probably am. It’s just I already have the post-Sherlock series 3 blues and it isn’t even December yet.


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