The Collectress is Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American Collectibles out there. For everyone else…happy Thursday! So what am I thankful for?

Martin Freeman, of course.

But not just Martin Freeman. I’m particularly thankful for Martin…

martin freeman gif 2

Now, dear readers, you may not have noticed–I’ve been pretty good at keeping it under the wraps, but I’m a true Tolkienite. Not a Ringer, because there’s a huge difference. A Tolkienite. Meaning I fangirl more than I will ever fangirl over all things Middle-Earth. So when I read that Martin had been cast in The Hobbit as the hobbit, well, my reaction was something like this:


I first read The Hobbit when I was seven years old, and for almost twenty years it’s the book I reread over Christmas. Forget Dickens. Bilbo Baggins is as familiar to me as some of my family members (perhaps more so…). Know that feeling of almost-dread that you get when you hear that your favorite book is being adapted for the big screen? That thought: “will they f**k up my favorite character?” Well, I don’t worry about that. I know Bilbo is in the safest hedgehog paws.

So here, have some Martin/Bilbo, and remember that The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is due in theaters in a few weeks. (We’ll be together, soon, Martin.)

Never has there been a more perfect casting.

And the most perfect scene ever filmed:

Happy Thanksgiving, Collectables! And remember, it’s okay to be thankful for nerdy things too.

Time to gobble till I wobble.

xx–The Collectress

Disclaimer: I own none of the images or film clips. Or Martin Freeman’s face. (Although I do stare at it longingly and imagine the day when we will be at the pub, sassing people together.)