Fanfic Wednesday: “Like Blood, Like Honey”

Happy Wednesday, shippers.

Tonight’s fanfic rec is to compensate for the absolute debacle of last night’s Supernatural episode “Rock and a Hard Place.”  If you loathed the episode as much as I did, here is a possible rewrite for you (as for me, I refuse to acknowledge last night’s episode as canon.) Sail on, HMS Destiel. Sail on.

Title: “Like Blood, Like Honey”

Author: fightthosefairies

Word Count: 4549

Warnings: Explicit


Dean makes a trip up to Chicago to pay a visit to everyone’s fallen angel, renewed virginity intact. Smutty times ensue.

My Thoughts

Thank God someone took it upon themselves to write an alternate ending to last night’s episode. I’m still fuming about the absolute destruction of Dean’s character development. So, fightthosefairies, thank Chuck you wrote this. Keep the Destiel ship afloat!

No one sinks this ship.
No one sinks this ship.


Shipfully yours,

The Collectress

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