Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with the Collective Blog

Happy Anniversary, Doctor Who!



The humungous deal that is the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who premieres tomorrow, all across the world, at 11:50am (PST). The Collectress is hosting a Doctor Who themed party for all the Whovians (and Wholigans) we know, and I’m pretty sure some of you geeks out there plan to do the same. If you are so inclined, we will be live tweeting the episode and sharing some fun facts about Doctor Who throughout the day. We hope you’ve enjoyed out Doctor Who themed week on the blog. It has been a blast putting together posts about everything from our favorite companions, the music of Doctor Who, epic fan fiction and videos celebrating a show that we all love. Hope you’ll join us tomorrow as Whovians everywhere simultaneously squee all over the internet. It is going to be FANTASTIC!

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