Spoiler Crossroads: Angels and Demons and Winchesters OH MY!

Hello, idjits.

Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

Let’s just start with the hard facts. This week’s episode of SPN was an angsty Winchester feels kind of episode that reminded me just how much I am friggen in love with the story of Dean and Sam. I haven’t cried during an ep of Supernatural since–well, since the season 8 finale and I have felt pretty blasé about 9, until “Bad Boys“. I am delighted to go to this weekend’s Supernatural BurCon   with such a strong episode fresh in my memory. Such a great character study of Dean! Gaaah, I can’t help but love that boy. That being said, let’s get started, shall we?

Poor Dean.

First of all, I had to go back and debunk my own spoilers from last week. No, Dean didn’t have sex in “Bad Boys”. Thank gawd, because that would’ve ruined the mood. No, he’s gonna do it next week in S09E08, “Rock and a Hard Place”. With a reformed porn star or some nonsense. Supposedly, it will be funny, but I’m not laughing. Is this a “fuck or die” kind of spell, SPN writers? Have you been reading fanfic again? At least Sheriff Mills will be back.

Sheriff Jody Mills
Sheriff Jody Mills

Next, in S09E09 “Holy Terror,” we get Castiel back and he’s in a suit, with the boys, in a bar. Hallelujah!

A Winchester sandwich with a side of Castiel, coming right up.
A Winchester sandwich with a side of Castiel, coming right up.

This episode will bring the angels and the demons back to the screen, with a special visit from the one and only evil man upstairs, Metatron, as well as Crowley, Abaddon and Kevin Tran, the prophet. For more pictures from the S09E09, including the famed pic of Sam and Metatron in the dark alley that Curtis Armstrong tweeted about not to long ago, check out this link to Spoiler TV. The Collectress’ theory about Zeke is that he works for Metatron, which is why he forced Dean to kick Cas out of the bunker in S09E03, “Heaven Can’t Wait.”Also, this episode right before the hellatus is supposed to be the one in which Sam finds out Dean’s been lying to him and there’s an angel inside of him. Yikes! This means, we have to wait until January 14th to see how it turns out for the Winchesters. NOOOOOO

until the stars align once more,

The Collectiva Diva aka The Queen of Spoilers


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