Music of the Spheres: A Doctor Who Mini-Episode to Conclude Series 4

Music of the Spheres

Written by Russell T. Davies as the very last instance of David Tennant as Ten (until the 50th this weekend, that is), this 6 minute short features the Doctor breaking the fourth wall and communicating with the audiences of Albert Hall. Premiered at the BBC Proms of 2008, this adorable viddy shows the pure delight of viewers at their inclusion in the narrative. According to the TARDIS wiki,” Two different versions of “Music of the Spheres” have circulated on the Internet. One version intercuts the mini-episode with audience reaction shots, as well as showing reaction from Ben Foster and the orchestra, and the Graske running around the stage. A second version is the mini-episode by itself, with no cutaways to the audience (versions with and without audience sounds have been circulated)”. This version shows the audience reaction, and I know that if I had been there, I might’ve got a bit teary-eyed from the sheer awe of it all. In fact, I might’ve gotten weepy watching the YouTube version, who’s to say?


The Collectiva Diva