Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Week is Blowing my Mind! Check Out “The Last Day” Mini Episode.

I’m not sure I can handle much more New Who this week.


cr: gallifrey, by raiyca
cr: gallifrey, by raiyca

This morning, iTunes released a FREE mini-episode of Doctor Who, “The Last Day”, which is seen from the headcam of a soldier on the front lines of what seems to be the Time War. Written by Steven Moffat, this is a dark preview of what is to come in the 50th anniversary episode. There are some really great shots of Gallifrey in this one, and Moffat has really delved into the history of the Time Lords to create an exciting addition to the Doctor Who canon.

Wanna watch it? Go to iTunes and download the mini-ep in HD for free in the US. Yup. FREE.


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