Travel Through Time and Space with the ‘Doctor Puppet’

It is almost Doctor Who Week here at the Collective Blog, and I am so excited, I had to give you a little preview of the cool Whovian-type stuff we will be looking at starting Sunday, November 17 until November 23, the day the 50th anniversary episode premieres across the world, so #SaveTheWeek!


 Meet Alisa Stern.

She is an animation artist from New York City who partnered with Nerdist in Spring 2013 to create 3-minute stop motion animation films starring the adorable Eleventh Doctor in puppet form.

Alisa Stern and her Doctor.
Alisa Stern and her Doctor.

When Alisa began her Tumblr blog  in April 2012, I doubt she had any idea it would go viral so quickly. Her early photographs of the Doctor Puppet traveling with the TARDIS around NYC got a few hundred hits, but when she posted the first 3-minute short in the Doctor Puppet series, “The Red X”, all of a sudden, her Doctor became a Whovian phenomenon.

An adorable addition to the Whoniverse, Alisa’s videos were linked to on the BBC website and quickly picked up by Nerdist, who provided Alisa with a team to help set up the animation, but still, she does most of the work herself. Alisa continues to write, produce, direct and make the puppets, as well as handle all the digital animation. There are 4 videos in the Doctor Puppet series and a Christmas Special, which was actually the first released.

Alisa also predicted the return of the Tenth Doctor in her second video in the series, “The Conjunction of Eleven”…

She introduced Nine in the third installment, “The Doctor in the Garden”…

And the original, sinister Master in the latest addition to the series, “Smoke and Mirrors”.

These unique, fun and canon-creating videos are fun for the whole Whovian family and have helped me through the very dry spell in between Doctor Who episodes this year. Alisa and Nerdist Industries are planning to release the next Doctor Puppet video, titled “Baker’s Eleven”, will be released November 22 on the Doctor Puppet YouTube Channel, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for our favorite Timelord.

“Baker’s Eleven” photocred:


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