Supernatural Recap: “Heaven Can’t Wait”

#profound bond
#profound bond

Episode 09×06 AKA the Episode When Cas Worked in a Convenience store


Cas is back. After the heart-wrenching, feel-stomping, episode 3, Cas has been on his own for the past few weeks, and let me tell you, the fandom was pissed. Whether you ship Destiel or not, last night the hashtag #profoundbond trended worldwide as SPN fans showed their support via social network for the friendship of Dean and Castiel.

The boys are back in the bunker, and SPN cutie Osric Chau is back too. Kevin has found a footnote to Metatron’s angel tablet, and he’s hoping that it will give them a clue as to how to re-open Heaven (implied: getting Cas his wings back). Unfortunately, they cannot translate the dead language, so Dean takes this as an opportunity to go hang out with his boyfriend to check out a potential hunt that Castiel called him about. The episode is split into two focuses (focii?); one plot focuses on Sam and Kevin as they interrogate Crowley for information on Metatron’s footnotes (love Mark Sheppard’s snark) and the other focus is on Dean and Castiel’s investigation of a few mysterious deaths. 

In the Bunker

Oh Sam, why you trust Crowley?
Oh Sam, why you trust Crowley?

Dean convinces Sam, who is sporting some seriously glorious hair, that it might be worthwhile to ask Crowley for help translating the footnote, because an centuries-old demon would really be super willing to help out, right? Wrong.

I’m just saying we’re not keeping him chained up for the one-liners. -Dean

Crowley is not very willing to help, and after a few scenes of snark between him and Jared, he eventually agrees to help for the price of a phone call to Queen Bitch herself, Abaddon.

I’m not sure why Moose agrees to Crowley’s demands other than he really wants to stop being referred to as the state animal of Alaska. Anyway, there’s a little bit of resistance, and eventually Crowley uses Kevin’s blood (more on that later) to sanguine-dial Abaddon. Abaddon is bad-ass, and she informs Crowley that his reign in a bureaucratic hell is over; there’s a Queen of Chaos and Terror in town.

Crowley: Your way will backfire. You will burn.

Abaddon: I can’t wait.

After the phone call, Crowley translates the footnote for Sam and Kevin. He seems almost apathetic when he tells them that it’s the spell Metatron used to shut heaven’s gates…and that there’s no way to undo it. (And you’ll trust Crowley, guys, REALLY?). The last we scene we see Crowley, he is shooting himself up with Kevin’s blood.

Meanwhile Cas works in a 7-Eleven

Castiel, former angel of the Lord, is now “Steve” the sales associate. Man, if I thought episode 3 was tough on my feels, watching Castiel fix a broken slushie machine damn well broke all of them. This is an angel…err…man…who destroyed most of heaven in season 6, who survived purgatory, who jumped into hell to rescue someone he hadn’t even met yet. Now, he sleeps in a sleeping bag in the stockroom of a convenience store.

When Dean arrives at this small town in Idaho, he checks out the crime scene, where a supernatural villain of possibly angelic origins has rendered a few people to pink dust. Then he goes to check on his BFF, “Steve.” There’s some awkward “oh it’s nice to see you too” moments when the two reunite, and honestly, it feels a bit like two exes who see each other for the first time since a break-up. Dean, being Dean, mocks Castiel a little bit for his new job (WELL HE WOULDN’T HAVE NEEDED IT IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE HIM LEAVE) and ouch, that hurts. Personally, I wanted Castiel to slap Dean. Hard. Castiel is taking care of himself, and for someone who’s only been human a few weeks, I think he’s doing as well as can be expected.

Dean convinces Castiel to come on the hunt with him, telling Cas he’s a “hunter in training.” Nice try, Dean. Try more sweet talking and a dozen roses. Cas eventually agrees to go with him, and he confirms that the person behind the killings is indeed, an angel, supposedly a “medic” angel. This “medic” has gone Dr. Kevorkian and is “saving” by killing.

Castiel has to leave the hunt early because he has a date that night. There’s an adorable scene in which Dean gives Castiel tips on dating (pretty sure my heart melted from the cute). Poor Cas, however, has misunderstood. He’s the babysitter for his coworker while she goes on a date. Poor Cas.

I didn't make this, but whoever did, thank you!

Castiel as a babysitter may be my new favorite thing. Ever. Seriously, it ranks up there with Martin Freeman as a hedgehog. I see a whole line of new fanfiction…but I digress. Anyway, the Dr. Kevorkian angel shows up because, as he says it, he can hear Castiel’s pain from miles away (“Ouch,” says my heart). Dean rushes in and saves his bestie, because hey, that’s what friends do for each other, right? Well, they do if you’re a Winchester.

The episode ends with Dean telling Cas to enjoy life as a human and that he will “take care of the angels.” Lies, Mr. Winchester. More and more lies.

What this Episode Reveals about the Winchesters


What I like most about Sam is he tries to see the best in people. He’s a glass half-full kind of guy. This is also what I like least about Sam because, let’s face it, his life sucks.

Sam thinks that Crowley has some humanity still in him, which we saw a glimpse of in the season 8 finale. But, my dear Moose, you need to remember that he’s still a demon. One emotional breakdown does not a good human make. So, Sammy boy, keep on with that positive outlook, but don’t turn your back on Uncle Crowley because he will probably stab you. Or inject himself with the Prophet’s blood. Whatever.


I had mixed feelings about Dean’s characterization this episode. Part of me didn’t think that Dean would jump at the chance of leaving Sam by himself so he could go on a hunt, but part of me was thrilled that Dean really wanted to see his buddy Cas again. Their friendship is one of my favorite things in SPN, and it’s not too often where we see the two of them hanging out by themselves. (Give us more, pretty please?)

We also see Dean lie some more. To Castiel. (“Please stop stabbing me,” says my heart.) Dean knows that there is no going back to Heaven, and when he lies to Cas and says that he will “take care of the angels,” I could almost hear the writers’ maniacal laughter in the background. Oh Dean, these lies are gonna catch up with you, and I can’t help but wonder–will you be alone when everyone finds out the truth?

The Big Picture

Crowley and Abaddon are headed for a death-match, and oh boy, do I want to see that one happen. Abaddon is “all fury and no finesse” according to Crowley, but can he be more than Hell’s used car salesman? I really want to see these two go head-to-head, preferably in a cage fighting match.

Crowley appears, at first, to be easily manipulated into helping with the translation. But I can’t help but wonder if he orchestrated the entire scenario to get his hands on Kevin’s blood. He and Kevin have, errr, a tense relationship. What will injecting himself with the Prophet’s blood do for him in the long run?

Crowley has said that the gates of heaven cannot be reopened, but does that mean that Castiel cannot retrieve his Grace? Cas is very aware of how defenseless he is without his angelic mojo, and since the Winchesters are keeping him at a distance, he may decide to take matters into his own hands and throttle Metatron until he gets his Grace. Or, at least he may try to.

My Favorite Scene

Oh man, the look on Dean’s face when Sam drops the book in front of him.

Until next week, fellow hunters.

xx-The Collectress

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