Spoiler Crossroads: A Woman in the Writers’ Room, Young!Dean and the Impending Hellatus

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Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

Thank Chuck, I was wrong in my predictions last week. Nora was not a love interest of either Winchester or Castiel, much to “Steve’s” dismay. Side note–wasn’t it adorable how Dean helped Cas prep for his so-called “date”? Sigh…Destiel needs to be canon, I’m just saying.

Anyway, we didn’t come to the crossroads to dish about Destiel, we came to spoil some future Supernatural episodes.

Let’s start with next week’s episode, “Bad Boys,” written by Adam Glass, in which we see young!Dean sent to a boys’ home for stealing food. According to Jeremy Carver, audiences will see young!Dean shift in the way he thinks about hunting and “the life”. Isn’t it grand when the perceptions of a character we’ve known for so long change? Seems the writers are trying to give audiences more well-rounded characters and I, for one, am hoping to get a bit of back story on why Dean is such a hardass, besides the fact that John Winchester was a pretty shitty father. Also, I have heard it on not-so-great authority that we will see Dean get laid in this episode. He does have a pretty adorable scene with an old flame named Robin. Whether young!Dean or present!Dean gets the nookie has yet to be determined. THIS IS DEBUNKED AND NOT TRUE. BUUUUT…

young!Dean and Robin.
Young!Dean and Robin.

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Next stop, S09E08, “Rock and a Hard Place,” written by a WOMAN in the SUPERNATURAL WRITERS’ ROOM, HOLD THE PHONE. Jenny Klein has helped pen a few SPN eps, but she is getting top billing on this one. This MotW ep will take place in Bobby’s hometown and features Sheriff Mills, who calls the Winchester bros with a strange case. Dean apparently will go undercover with a church chastity group from which people are dying, and our boy might be the potential next victim of the strange murders. REVISION and ADDITIONAL INFO!! THIS IS THE EPISODE DEAN HAS SEX. With a reformed porn star. Let’s see how this looks from a woman’s POV, shall we?

Last week, I mentioned Tim Omundson having a guest appearance on SPN and I read that he will show up in S09E11 “First Born”, as “Cain”–as in the brother of Abel, and the first murderer in the Bible. I can’t wait to see the SPN take on this.

Lastly, the official winter season Hellatus will take place after the December 3 episode, so prepare for a Winchester-free December. So far, these are the listed episodes for the season. There are 23 episodes in season 9, so we are still missing a few, but as soon as I know, you will.


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25th Feb 2014 S09E14 – Nowhere To Go But Down

4th Feb 2014   S09E13 – Let the Fat One In

28th Jan 2014   S09E12 – Sharp Teeth

21st Jan 2014   S09E11 – First Born

14th Jan 2014   S09E10 – Road Trip


3rd Dec 2013   S09E09 – Holy Terror

26th Nov 2013   S09E08 – Rock and a Hard Place

19th Nov 2013   S09E07 – Bad Boys

12th Nov 2013   S09E06 – Heaven Can’t Wait

5th Nov 2013   S09E05 – Dog Dean Afternoon

29th Oct 2013   S09E04 – Slumber Party

22nd Oct 2013   S09E03 – I’m No Angel

15th Oct 2013   S09E02 – Devil May Care

8th Oct 2013   S09E01 – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

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