What Would You Do if You Met Your Favorite Fictional Character?

Earlier today, the Collectress and I had a conversation that went something like this:

The Collectress: I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not normal. When I fantasize about meeting a celebrity, I dream about us drinking a pint and sassing people.

Me: Or driving around, hunting things?

The Collectress: Pretty much.

Me: Or going on grand adventures across space and time? 

What’s normal, anyway? 

Fuck em.

I mean…come on. That shit sounds brilliant. I almost wrote “fantashtic”.

The Collectress: I’d love to sass people on adventures throughout space and time.

Me: I don’t know what to write about for today…how about sassing people through space and time? Sounds perfect.


This got me thinking about meeting my favorite actors and what I might do. But then, I decided I’d much prefer to hang out in an alternate reality with my favorite fictional characters.

Screw real life!

First of all, who would you want to meet? Currently, I am obsessed with Dean and Castiel. I don’t mean Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, no. I mean DEAN AND CASTIEL. I want them to be my gay best friends.

 Dean and Cas

Destiel ships itself.
Destiel ships itself.

If I were to meet Dean and Cas, I would stay close to Dean, because if he’s got your back, you might just survive the episode. Oh, obviously, this is if I were in an episode of SPN. I definitely wouldn’t say anything disparaging about or to Sammy. That shit don’t fly. I also would at least try to help Dean see how much he loves Castiel over a couple of beers at the local dive bar before I ride off into the sunset, having survived a stint with the Winchesters and their angel. Don’t worry! I’ll be back for a couple of episodes each season, since I’m obviously a girl not trying to have sex with either of the Winchesters, therefore the fans won’t hate me. Although, Sam is looking mighty fine…but we all know that’s a death sentence, so…ya.

Donna Noble and Ten

If I had to pick a favorite companion, it is definitely Donna. Her insecurities, humanity and bravery make her the most important woman in the universe to the Doctor and to me. With Donna, comes a broken Ten, who is healed by her friendship. Donna saves the Doctor, folks. And I love her for it.

Friggen comedic genius, these two.
Friggen comedic genius, these two.

If I met Donna and Ten I would hope it would be on the planet Midnight. Things can go one of two ways. Option one consists of Donna and I spending the day none the wiser to the horrific situation the Doctor is in on that bus with Merlin and the crazy, repeating lady. We would get mani-pedis, a good mud bath, and lounge around all day in our bathrobes. Option two would be Donna and I on that bus, shaking things up when those wankers try and think about throwing the Doctor off because he’s starting the whole repeating thing. Seriously? If Donna and I had been there, that shit would have never happened.

John Watson

Of course I would rather meet Watson than Sherlock, come on. Sherlock is kinda a douche.

Tea and biscuits, anyone?
Tea and biscuits, anyone?

I don’t want to go on a case with John. Nope. Not quick enough and Sherlock would make me feel like a bigger idiot than Anderson. I prefer to meet up with Watson, have a pint or a cuppa, grab some food, and generally snark the night away.  I wouldn’t mind going shopping for jumpers at some point, and of course stopping to pick up The Collectress, as she has a slightly unhealthy obsession with Martin Freeman…er…John. When we were all three together and I began to feel left out, as The Collectress and John would probably be snuggled up in the corner talking about Lord of the Rings or some nonsense, I would then have John text Sherlock, so at least I would have someone to talk to.



The Collectiva Diva

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  1. Bec Graham

    I think that’s why they wrote Donna out of Planet Midnight so that they could explore what strangers think of him in dangerous situations. But you’re absolutely right; if Donna had been there those people would have been put in their places quick smart. Especially that horrible mother and that chauvanistic professor!
    I’d want to meet the Doctor, of course, but also the Herondale boys: Jace and Will. Could you imagine the sassing that would happen if those two could meet?

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