What Would You Do if You Met Your Favorite Fictional Character?

Earlier today, the Collectress and I had a conversation that went something like this:

The Collectress: I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not normal. When I fantasize about meeting a celebrity, I dream about us drinking a pint and sassing people.

Me: Or driving around, hunting things?

The Collectress: Pretty much.

Me: Or going on grand adventures across space and time? 

What’s normal, anyway? 

Fuck em.

I mean…come on. That shit sounds brilliant. I almost wrote “fantashtic”.

The Collectress: I’d love to sass people on adventures throughout space and time.

Me: I don’t know what to write about for today…how about sassing people through space and time? Sounds perfect.


This got me thinking about meeting my favorite actors and what I might do. But then, I decided I’d much prefer to hang out in an alternate reality with my favorite fictional characters.

Screw real life!

First of all, who would you want to meet? Currently, I am obsessed with Dean and Castiel. I don’t mean Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, no. I mean DEAN AND CASTIEL. I want them to be my gay best friends.

 Dean and Cas

Destiel ships itself.
Destiel ships itself.

If I were to meet Dean and Cas, I would stay close to Dean, because if he’s got your back, you might just survive the episode. Oh, obviously, this is if I were in an episode of SPN. I definitely wouldn’t say anything disparaging about or to Sammy. That shit don’t fly. I also would at least try to help Dean see how much he loves Castiel over a couple of beers at the local dive bar before I ride off into the sunset, having survived a stint with the Winchesters and their angel. Don’t worry! I’ll be back for a couple of episodes each season, since I’m obviously a girl not trying to have sex with either of the Winchesters, therefore the fans won’t hate me. Although, Sam is looking mighty fine…but we all know that’s a death sentence, so…ya.

Donna Noble and Ten

If I had to pick a favorite companion, it is definitely Donna. Her insecurities, humanity and bravery make her the most important woman in the universe to the Doctor and to me. With Donna, comes a broken Ten, who is healed by her friendship. Donna saves the Doctor, folks. And I love her for it.

Friggen comedic genius, these two.
Friggen comedic genius, these two.

If I met Donna and Ten I would hope it would be on the planet Midnight. Things can go one of two ways. Option one consists of Donna and I spending the day none the wiser to the horrific situation the Doctor is in on that bus with Merlin and the crazy, repeating lady. We would get mani-pedis, a good mud bath, and lounge around all day in our bathrobes. Option two would be Donna and I on that bus, shaking things up when those wankers try and think about throwing the Doctor off because he’s starting the whole repeating thing. Seriously? If Donna and I had been there, that shit would have never happened.

John Watson

Of course I would rather meet Watson than Sherlock, come on. Sherlock is kinda a douche.

Tea and biscuits, anyone?
Tea and biscuits, anyone?

I don’t want to go on a case with John. Nope. Not quick enough and Sherlock would make me feel like a bigger idiot than Anderson. I prefer to meet up with Watson, have a pint or a cuppa, grab some food, and generally snark the night away.  I wouldn’t mind going shopping for jumpers at some point, and of course stopping to pick up The Collectress, as she has a slightly unhealthy obsession with Martin Freeman…er…John. When we were all three together and I began to feel left out, as The Collectress and John would probably be snuggled up in the corner talking about Lord of the Rings or some nonsense, I would then have John text Sherlock, so at least I would have someone to talk to.



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