#SaveTheDay for Doctor Who

Wholigans, have you visited the new Doctor Who webpage yet and have you watched the trailers??

Apparently, the Doctor loves a hashtag.

The BBC is really pushing this hashtag business, and I can see why. There were two new teaser trailers released this weekend (see below) and a worldwide premiere of the 50th–every country across the world will broadcast the show simultaneously–this episode is a big deal to Whovians everywhere. Just check out Kyle Anderson’s breakdown at Nerdist.com of the BBCA schedule the week of the premiere. Still, the BBC and Moffat know that the San Diego 2013 Comic-Con trailer most of us didn’t get to see was almost a deal breaker. With this media frenzy, it seems the BBC is trying to make up for it…by forcing us to prove how much we love Doctor Who. Goodness, Moffat, inferiority complex, much?

The website www.doctorwhosavetheday.com asks fans to tweet, post videos and comment all over the web with the oh-so-special hashtag #savetheday. Only after this hashtag worldwide trends, will fans begin to unlock DW teaser trailers like this one.

Elizabeth’s Credentials

Regardless of the domineering presence of the BBC, I am still excited for the episode. I have missed writing about Doctor Who since my 11 of 11 series ended, but must save my DW posts for The Collective blog’s upcoming Doctor Who Week, November 17th-23rd. Yes, that’s right, Collectors, we are thoughtfully preparing a full week of Doctor Who fun beginning on Saturday, November 17 and ending after The Collectress and I both share our thoughts on the November 23rd 50th anniversary episode, “Day of the Doctor”. The Collectress is planning a Doctor Who themed party for Saturday, November 23rd and we are looking forward to seeing what the plan is for Ten, Rose, Eleven and the rest when the episode premieres at 7:50pm (UK time) on BBC. This is going to be epic, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. So, make sure you #savetheweek–Doctor Who Week, that is.


The Collectiva Diva aka Wholigan extraordinaire

save the day


The Official Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailers.

*I do not own any of these images. Doctor Who is the sole property of the BBC, duh.*


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