FINALLY! Series 3 of Sherlock is so close I can taste it…

What can sherly possibly say to make it up to Jawn?
What can Sherly possibly say to make it up to Jawn?

Sherlock series 3 is set to premiere in the US January 19, 2014 at 10pm on PBS and I’ve decided to get back to my original OTP, the one and only Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.


Confession time. I have avoided discussing Sherlock for about 6 months now. I haven’t watched the show, read any fanfic (except one-shot smut, cause, come on) or sent angry hate mail to Moffat for the delay of my favorite consulting detective and his boo from returning to the small screen. I just silently weep into my tea and try not to think about the Reichenbach Fall, waiting patiently for series 3. PATIENCE BE DAMNED.

How I feel about being patient, as played by Jawn.

I am tired of waiting.

Do you even realize that the first episode of series 2, “A Scandal in Belgravia,” premiered in the UK on New Year’s evening, in 2012? TWO YEARS later, Sherlockians will get 3 more episodes to whet our appetites for what has turned out to be a break-out series for the main actors. In the last 2 years, Benedict Cumberbatch has been seen in Star Trek: Into Darkness, the Frankenstein stageplay by Danny Boyle, and numerous other works that I ship across this blog. Martin Freeman also received a small part in this little film called The Hobbit, and we also saw him in The World’s End with his buddies Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. After such a long hiatus, I wasn’t so sure that they boys would be back on Baker Street for a 3rd series, let alone a 4th (let’s not get ahead of ourselves). When the cast and crew began filming during the spring of 2013 in the streets of London, my little fangirl heart let out a squee of relief, but knowing Moffat, the release date for the episodes still seemed a far off dream.


The #setlock hashtag all over Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter killed me. I didn’t look at the pictures. Just knowing that somewhere out there, my boys were filming series 3 for ME (and you, too, dears) hurt too much. I avoided articles speculating on the release date of series 3. I didn’t want speculation, I wanted FACTS.

So, when just two weeks ago, Moffat and the BBC finally gave US fans a date to put on our calendars, I was floored. And then, this week, we learn that BFI will be premiering series 3 episode 1, “The Empty Hearse” on the Southbank in London, with a Q&A with select, yet-to-be-named cast members. I hadn’t thought about it actually happening. I feel like John Watson because I, too, have learned to move forward with my meager little life sans Sherlock. It’s been two years and here he is, back on Baker Street, with a real resolution to Reichenbach, a reunion for Sherlock and John, an explanation for Molly, Mrs. Hooper and Lestrade.




Unlike John, we, fandom, have a warning of Sherlock’s return. We have a set date. We can mentally prepare ourselves by reading fanfiction and rewatching season 2 to try and figure out how he faked his death and how John will react to his return. We can go to the Sir Conan Doyle novels and try to understand the relationship between Mary and John. So go! Enjoy the last few weeks of peace, because, if I know my BBC, the new series will NOT lack in a heaping helping of the feels.

Ya, I went there.


The Collectiva Diva


I feel bad for that last picture, so here.



  1. Bec Graham

    If you’re interested Collective, there’s an Australian YA novel that came out this year based on Sherlock Holmes. It asks, and answers, one very important question:
    What if Sherlock Holmes was a teenager?
    It’s called “Every Breath” by a woman named Ellie Marney.
    Just in case you wanted a little more Sherlock before January 🙂

  2. daltonralju

    Okay. That last 2-pic set was brill. And heartbreaking, of course.
    So one of my sweeties told me last night that there is research on spoilers ( indicating that they actually do not spoil but instead enhance enjoyment. Well, maybe. I’ll have to think about whether that fits with my own personal experience, because I am trying to become a rationalist. However, I do know that as far as Season 3 is concerned, I don’t even want to see any pix from the set! I want it all to be Brand New when I FINALLY get to watch it. And I think you have immense self-control not to write the authors and bitch them out as they so richly deserve for making us wait two years.

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