Geek Chic: Celebrity Halloween Costumes

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you wear for Halloween?

Me? I’d pay someone to paint me entirely blue, Mystique-style.

Every year, I am continually fascinated (and amused) by the costumes donned by the rich and famous. Some actors seem to be tired of costumes and opt for simpler ideas, but others fully embrace the “Wear whatever the hell you want” atmosphere of All Hallows’ Eve.

Here are some of my favorite costumes from Halloween 2013. You may notice a tendency for geeky costumes.

Miranda Lambert as The Good Witch of Oz

I want to skip the yellow brick road with Mrs. Blake Shelton.

Adam Baldwin as…Himself? (Special Guest Star: Nathan Fillion‘s Tweet Response)

Nathan Fillion, the reigning Geek King of Twitter, gets one-upped by his previous Firefly co-star. (You don’t know how much it kills me inside to write “previous.” Browncoats unite! And wear a Jayne hat)

Fergie as Elvira & Josh Duhamel as Rocky Horror‘s Riff Raff


Personally, I don’t think this celeb couple has ever looked more awesome. Josh Duhamel, kudos to you for doing a costuming classic.

Glee’s Naya Rivera as Carmen Sandiego


Tell me, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Cindy Crawford & Randy Gerber as Slash and Axl Rose

1382801915_cindy-crawford-560This has gotta be one of the best couple-costumes I’ve ever seen. I love me som Guns N’ Roses.

Nicole Richie as Danny deVito from Twins

1382891813_nicole-richie-halloween-twins_1This one is actually pretty smart, and you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone showing up in the same costume as you. Unless you’re at deVito’s Halloween party, that is.

Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson in Baywatch

matt gif 3

I can never un-see this. It’s simultaneously horrifying and amusing.

Felicia Day as a Steampunk Peter Pan

felicia day peter pan

Felicia, you’re perfect in every way. Can we be friends?

Misha Collins as Castiel

Oh, Misha. Misha, Misha, Misha.

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka & the Twins

Currently dying from cuteness overdose.

Mark Gatiss as the World’s Favorite Consulting Detective

mark gatiss sherlock

I don’t know  if the Godtiss actually did this costume for Halloween, but it is awesome nonetheless. (It’s a wonderful/terrible thing that His Royal Poshness, Mycroft, wore a deerhunter before Series 3 returned *cries* BBC give it back!).

Also, because there isn’t nearly enough Mark Gatiss in the world, here is an instructional video from good old Uncle Mycroft on how to make authentic fake blood. So next year you really can scare the sh*t out of your neighbor’s kids.

Disclaimer: I own none of these images. Or the celebrities. However, I’d really like to have some of their costumes. 

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