The “Supernatural” Soundtrack to Dean Winchester’s Life

Alexandra Patsavas, is no stranger to badass tunes. The Supernatural music supervisor is not only in charge of my favorite show on TV, but the soundtracks of shows such as Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, The OC and films such as Warm Bodies, the Twilight films and the upcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Alexandra’s company, Chop Shop Music Supervision, is the best in the business and Supernatural fans can attest. The music on Supernatural is nothing less that a perfect companion to that lifelong Winchester road trip. As you know already, my cohort and I are working on a Collective team femme!Destiel cosplay (I’m the Winchester, she’s my angel) for the J2 Con in Burbank at the end of the month, and lately, I have been listening to the music of Supernatural to get me in Dean’s headspace.

The unofficial theme song, “Carry On My Wayward Son,” by Kansas, is an instant feels trigger for the fandom, as the song is often used to recap previous episodes during the season premiere and/or finale. We know Dean is a fan of classic rock, and so many of his most intense moments in the show are underscored by ridiculously appropriate music, like this “Man in the Wilderness,” by Styx, heard in the opening scene of the season 8 premiere.

 At the recent Supernatural Convention held in Chicago October 25-27, Jared and Jensen were asked what the theme songs for their characters might be. Jensen, of course, said “Simple Man,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, which, I totally saw coming.

If Jensen hadn’t said that one, I might’ve gone with “Bad Company,” by Bad Company. This is a perfect song for the angsty elder Winchester, and I’m pretty sure Dean was literally born with a six-gun in his hand.

Last, but definitely not least, when I think of young Dean, macking girls in the janitor’s closet at random high schools across the country, this is the song that comes to mind. Also, the lyrics are super angsty. DUH.

Thank Chuck for Alexandra Patsavas, with a keen ear to the heart of the show and to Dean Winchester.


The Collectiva Diva