My Rebooted Obsession: How I became a Fannibal of Hannibal

So, I am part of a lot of fandoms.


So many, in fact I wasn’t keen on watching Hannibal when the show began in Spring 2013, even though I have read all the Thomas Harris Lecter novels–Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and–and saw the Anthony Hopkins film adaptations. I didn’t get much into Hannibal Rising, but the film trailer looks…interesting (spoilers). Having such a rich knowledge of the history of the franchise and working toward strengthening my obsessions with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock and other ships I sail, I was wary of starting in on this reboot of the Hannibal legend.

Boy was I way off.

Hannibal cast, kc eazyworld

Since I caught up with Supernatural before season 9 began and had exhausted all the new Netflix options, I decided to see what all the hoopla was about over there in crazyland AKA Tumblr, and started Hannibal season 1. No one I know watches this show, which is so fucking refreshing! I don’t have to talk about it (although I tell the Collectress how great it is) and I can just absorb and live in the moment as I enjoy something all by my lonesome. Which is what I did. I started the series with high expectations, I admit. The books enthralled me as a young person. The brutality and the logic of it all astounded my teenage mind, as did the films. I didn’t think NBC could pull it off, frankly.

So this show, Hannibal, it’s amazing and I was so, so wrong.

Why did I wait so long to watch it?? I want to talk about it with someone! Collectors, this show is crazy good. And the fandom, affectionally known as Fannibals, are scary loyal. Check out the tag on Tumblr. It is no joke.

Let me share with you the cast of BAMF actors that make up this ensemble.

First the insanely perfect and scary Hugh Dancy as “Will Graham”. Will moonlights as an FBI profiler, moonlighting because he could not pass the mental exams. Yeah–he’s slightly psychotic and very vulnerable to manipulation by pretty much everyone on the show, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he is and what he is capable of.

Pretty Much.

Next we have the morally ambiguous “Jack Crawford,” played by none other than muthafucken Morpheous, Laurence Fishburne. Jack is always trying to get Will to use his superpower crime scene skills even though doing so obviously is driving Will insane.

#sorrynotsorry, Jack.

Speaking of “Dr. Alana Bloom,” played by Caroline Dhavernas, what’s up with the awkward sexual tension and over analyzing Will, Doc? Alana is beautiful and flawed. She wants to do right but seems to have a radar that leads her into precarious positions with the men on this show.

She’s not dead yet!

I cannot help but absolutely love Hettiene Park as badass “Beverly Katz”, the behavioral scientist who specializes in fiber analysis and snarky, yet endearing, comments. She has the potential to be a friend to Will, but he only has eyes for Hannibal and that black stag.

Beverly will figure it out.
She’s not squeamish in the slightest.

Also, I’m a fan of all the lab regulars, including Aaron Abrams and Scott Thompson. The chemistry between this cast is pretty great, and when these two nerds get to squibbling, hilarity ensues.

"Trou Normand"
They look way too happy.

So, when I thought that this cast could not get stronger female actors to play these great characters, we meet Hannibal’s personal psychiatrist in episode 7, friggen Gillian Anderson, who plays ” Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier,” who seems to have some profound insight into her patient’s psyche.

And let’s not forget Jack Crawford’s wife, “Bella Crawford,” played by Gina Torres. Bella has some secrets of her own, and of course she ends up sitting across the dinner table from Hannibal, as they all tend to do at some point.

Hannibal can bring out the best and worst in his dinner guests.
Hannibal can bring out the best and worst in his dinner guests.

Are you on board yet? I’ve been saving the best for last, obviously. But if you’re still not convinced, let me just give you a hint of the guest stars that have made appearances as murderous crazies on the show…

Hannibal-eddie-izzard molly-shannon-hannibal-ceuf-oeuf

Yup. That is Eddie Izzard and also Molly Shannon. You’re welcome.

So, finally, we get to “Dr. Hannibal Lecter,” played by the luminescent Mads Mikkelsen. Hannibal is a bad guy and eats people. If you didn’t know that already, well, welcome to earth, we hope you enjoy your stay. Still, Hannibal has always been a complex character study, in the books and previous films. He is a dapper, enigmatic, intelligent psychopath who indulges his darkest fantasies while hiding in plain sight. Mads does the character more than justice. It is a new interpretation that is fresh, exciting and frightening. More than that, the show is intelligent, the violence and gore tasteful (if that makes sense) and necessary.

What's for dinner, doctor?
What’s for dinner, doctor?

Season 2 of Hannibal isn’t back until next year, according to the creepy poster below. Regardless, I think Tumblr and AO3 fan fics will keep me occupied. In the mean time, go to iTunes, Amazon or HuluPlus and watch Hannibal. All 13 episodes. GO NOW so I have someone to ship this show with!


The Collectiva Diva