Spoiler Crossroads: A Destiel Reflection and Some Baddies, Too

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Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

The Queen of Spoilers is back with a few Dean and Castiel-ish tidbits I’ve found floating about the interwebs. First of all, can we just talk about SEASON 9 EPISODE 3 and how horrible it was? I hated watching Dean and Cas break up, but the Collectress helped soothe me with the fact that Dean kicked Cas out for Sam. She also mentioned that the November 12 episode 6, “Heaven Can’t Wait,” should be a pure Destiel field of dreams, but I am not so sure. Apparently, Cas gets a job at a gas station and encounters a Winchester-worthy hunt. He calls the boys, but Dean goes on his own, to keep Sam/Ezekiel away from Castiel’s prying angel radar. Will they discuss feelings? Will this be the beginning or end of Destiel for SPN?



I started watching Supernatural specifically because the Collectress, Admiral of the HMS Destiel, assured me that the chemistry between Dean and Cas was real. When I saw it for myself, all throughout seasons 4-8, it felt natural and justified. The non-canon ship that actually sails itself! After the D-R-A-M-A of season 8, I honestly hoped that season 9 might reveal an actual bi-sexual LEAD CHARACTER in Dean Winchester. Now, Admiral Collectress states that Destiel doesn’t have to be canon to be real, but I did not come this far just to let some horrible wank writing sink my ship!


Continuing with my Destiel spoiler extravaganza, I’ve also mentioned “Nora” as a love interest for one of the brothers, and well, shippers, she is in this same episode with Dean and Cas. The Admiral swears Nora will end up as Sam’s love interest but with the way things are going with Dean, well…WTF??? Sigh…

In other news, Abbadon might get a back story. In an episode called “First Born,” we meet Cain, the Father of Murder (he killed his bro in the book of Genesis, look it up) and who, consequently, trained the Knights of Hell–of which Abbadon is the last. I LURV Abbadon, so I can’t wait for this. Still, my shipping heart hurts for Dean and Cas.

Last thing, Curtis Armstrong has been tweeting and we know he is back for at least 2 episodes, one of which will feature Sam and Metatron in a dark alley. Sounds like a fic I read once…


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