Fanfic Wednesday: “Turn”

Title: Turn

Author: Sara’s Girl

Word Count: 321,769

Rating: M

The Premise

The author has taken an older premise, (ever seen The Family Man?) and transformed it into something so distinctly Potteresque that I find it difficult to write about it without wanting to read it all over again. Harry Potter, now 37, is Head Auror and father of three. To the world, he’s got the life he wanted. We quickly see, however, that it’s a mirage. Every night he dreams of that one moment in sixth year, when things could have gone very differently for him and Draco. One night Harry take a walk, and a man name Boris offers him a glimpse into what might have been.  Harry’s glimpse into an alternate universe shows that if he and Draco had taken a different path after the infamous bathroom scene, they would have become the most important thing in the world to each other.

My Thoughts

Drarry was the first ship I’ve ever shipped, and it’s one that I sail often. I’ve a weakness for EWE (epilogue, what epilogue?) fics, but this author managed to be epilogue-compliant AND blast it out of the water at the same time. Kudos. What I loved most about this fic, however, is that Sara’s Girl approaches it from a very universal angle: we all have a moment in our past where we wish we had acted differently. Because it’s fanfiction, and anything is possible, Harry Potter gets the opportunity to do something different. And it makes all the difference.

This is a novel-length piece, and it is exquisitely written. This is the Harry Potter fanfiction that I will henceforth compare all HP fics to. It is so carefully crafted that its pacing made me want to rush through to read the end, but simultaneously fall into one of the gorgeous sentences and stay there forever. It’s got a little something for everything: AU, angst, fluff, slow-burn, sexy times, and, of course, Parseltongue. If you’re on the Drarry ship, you absolutely must read this one.

A sneak peek:

Stretching onto his side, he looks at the silver-framed photograph, mouth turning dry.

It’s a photograph of him, a much younger him, standing almost silhouetted against a backdrop of mountains and a vivid multi-colored sunset. He’s wearing a fine green cardigan-type garment, fitted jeans, and a beaming, slightly sheepish, smile. It seems to be a windy day, and every now and then photo-Harry lifts a hand to wipe his hair out of his face. He looks happy, healthy, carefree, and Harry doesn’t remember anything about it.

My Rating

A for the story. A for the writing. And another A for giving me everything I never knew I needed in a Harry/Draco fic. Strongly recommend this one if you are a Drarry fan.

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress


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