A New Coven is in Town: CBS Talks a Reboot of Charmed

Since The Collectress did something sweet for my birthday yesterday, I dedicate  this little tidbit today to her, since I know she often secretly binge-watches this show on Netflix. Hot off the presses, Vulture has confirmed that CBS is working on a reboot of the 1990’s hit television series, Charmed.

There is only a script of a pilot to be had, though, so don’t get your hopes too high. Also, I don’t know if any 3 actresses will ever replace Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, but I am game if you are. These past few years have seen an influx of horror and sci-fi to the small screen. You all know how much we love The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, American Horror Story and Supernatural here at The Collective Blog and it seems so do millions of geeks across the globe. Ghosts, zombies, monsters and witches are currently a popular culture phenomenon and television ratings speak for themselves. That means, the big wigs at CBS are willing to give Charmed another try because there is a veritable wealth of Tumblr memes and online merchandise to be consumed by obsessed fangirls and boys. I don’t care why they do it, just get it done!

I love Pru with the short hair.
I secretly love this show.


The Collectiva Diva