Spoiler Crossroads: Well, hello Charlie!

Hello, minions and moose-lovers!

Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

I have more J2 for you, dearies.

Happy Dance!!

After last night’s episode, I’m having angsty feelings about my Deangirl status, but I love Jensen and Jared in this interview with Screenfad and  I can never stay mad at Dean. I have to forgive him for being such a buzzkill by Tuesday, because I friggen adore the chemistry between Dean and Charlie and next week, she’s back in “Slumber Party”.

Spoiler alert: Flirty Charlie hits on Dorothy. Ya, the one from Oz. Hilarity ensues!

Charlie's back!!
Well, hello…

I want to know, how do I get a gig that takes me onto the Supernatural set, one that gets me an interview with the boys, while they are OBVIOUSLY dressed as Sam and Dean and in the middle of shooting, plus a whole shit load of spoilers that were offered the day after the premiere, THREE WEEKS AGO???


Call me, Screenfad


The Collectiva Diva

aka the Queen of Spoilers


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