Fanfic Wednesday: “Another taste of heavenly rush”

Property of the BBC
Property of the BBC

Title: Another taste of heavenly rush

Author: Del (goddessdel)

Word Count: 1800

Warning: NSFW

The Premise/My Thoughts

This one’s an early birthday gift to my dear friend, the Collectiva Diva. Love you boo!

Anyway, I’m not one for PWP…or one-shots…or Doctor Who fanfiction…but I jumped aboard this ship because I felt the desire for something new. And het. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my regular slash programming next week. But I digress. There is no plot to this one; it’s a cute look at a time-travelling couple who happen to be in the same place at the same time. The Doctor is older, so according to their strange timeline, they’re towards the beginning/end of their relationship. River pops into the TARDIS to change clothes; she’s just left a younger version of the Doctor on another planet. Eleven knows that the end of their time is coming, and he latches onto this moment with both hearts. It’s adorable and witty and then there’s some hot schmex too, which is why people most read fanfiction.

This is my first time aboard the Eleven/River ship. I’m Ten x Rose for life but I do love River Song. I can picture her saucy attitude in this author’s words, and I love every second of it.

So please, go read. I’m not rating this one, because it’s PWP and I don’t no how to rate that…on the sexiness scale? It’s hot.

Or here, have a sneak peek actually:

River appeared in the TARDIS wearing her vortex manipulator, two guns strapped across her back, and his favorite dress. She eyed his purple coat and grinned at him. “Hello, sweetie. I just need to nip into our room and change.”

-The Collectress