Benedict Cumberbatch Fangirl Time!

As you probably know, I am a proud member of the CumberCollective and this month, my boy Benny is on the international cover of big-time iconic American magazine, TIME.


Earlier this year, Benny landed on the cover of Radio Times, which apparently is a huge deal in the UK.


October also had Benny with appearances on the Graham Norton Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his two new films, The Fifth Estate and 12 Years as a Slave and he braved a Reddit AMA with his most INTENSE fans.


Oh, and have you heard of his new short film, “Little Favour”, available on iTunes November 5th? Mhmm, it has definitely been a good year for the CumberCollective.

Benny on Graham Norton with Harrison Ford and Jack Whitehall

And then there’s this…

Benny and Jimmy have a Rickman-off

I am just pleased as punch that Benedict Cumberbatch is getting so much media attention. The man is a brilliant actor and someday, we will be best friends. Oh yes, that gilded cage and a book of Keat’s poetry is just waiting for you, Benny dear…

Click here to see the video of Benny’s TIME Magazine photoshoot.


The CumberCollectiva Diva


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