Spoiler Crossroads: Jeremy Carver’s Got the “Feels” and SPN Mythology Keeps Growing

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Let's make a deal.
Let’s make a deal.

In an interview with TVLine Jeremy Carver, Exec Producer for Supernatural, gave a few tidbits of info about season 9 that I just have to share with y’all. I’ve started saying y’all because, when I grow up, I want to be Jared Padalecki. ANYWAY–


Carver mentioned in this interview that Dean’s decision to keep quiet about Ezekiel’s presence in Sam’s head will be a turning point in the mythology of Angels on the show. Apparently, the act will somehow affect the ENTIRE WORLD but then, that is soooo Sam and Dean. Carver says there will be hilarious, sad, and irksome consequences, leading to Dean feeling all angsty and guilty and sexy and…oh, sorry, distracted by the freckles…

Also, Carver admitted the Crowley vs. Abaddon storyline might hit audiences with some unexpected “feels” for the King of Hell, a character we all love to hate. I, for one, love me some Crowley but Abaddon is kinda growing on me. Can we get a sort of prez and VP thing in Hell? Probably not.


Finally, we get wind that Zeke lets out that there is a troop of Angels searching for Castiel. Remember this?

angel carnage

Yeah. So do they. A new Angel faction leader named “Bartholomew” is gunning for Castiel and, by default, the Winchesters. Of course, the boys can handle it…but poor Cas! He doesn’t look so great in the S09E03 previews and there is a petite ginger taking advantage of him. Dean! Rescue your angel before he is defiled by that beastly woman! Carver, don’t you sink my ship.

That’s all for now. Come visit me at the crossroads next week for more juicy tidbits. It will only cost you your soul…

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