Supernatural Recap: “Devil May Care”

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to talk about the Winchesters. (AKA my favorite pastime)

So last night the Collectiva Diva and I sat our arses on my sofa, each of us with a steaming cup of tea–so maybe we’re Brits at heart–and prepared to ogle admire our favorite hunters of the supernatural. With Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard, and Osric Chau live-tweeting, it felt as if the boys were in the room watching with us. (Come on over, Jared. I’ve got tea to spare and I’d love to braid your hair.) Season 9 is shaping up to be potentially emotionally catastrophic, but for the life of me, I can’t say that I mind one bit. Winchester family drama keeps me tuned in every week. So without further ado, let’s talk about “Devil May Care,” the second episode of the ninth season.

Sam's got a touch of an angel.
Sam’s got a touch of an angel.

Episode S09xE02 AKA the Episode with no Cas

Best Bit of Dialogue:

Sam: You know this is a trap? You just gonna walk right in? 

Dean: Guns blazing. You in?

Sam: Yeah.


The episode lights up on the Winchesters doing their thing in the Impala. Dean fills Sam in on Castiel’s newfound mortality and Sam looks a little worse for wear, but at least he’s not in the hospital anymore. They return to the Men of Letters bunker and attempt to pump Crowley for information. When that doesn’t work, they leave the King of Hell to his thoughts, which is probably the worst torture they could give, since he’s recently rediscovered morality.

Meanwhile, Abbadon is back, and man, is she gunning for the title of Queen Bitch. I think that, aside from the thousands of fallen angels, Abaddon is going to be one of the key nemeses this season. She’s planning a coup of hell while Crowley’s out of the picture, and she’s training her own personal detail of demons to be bigger and badder than anything Crowley’s done. No more bargaining for crossroads demons, she says. Demons should just take instead of deal. I predict a fantastic face off between the King of Hell and Queen Bitch later this season, but Chuck help the Winchesters if the two decide to team up. (Abaddon = scary lady with awesome red lipstick).

The Winchesters set off to rescue two hunters that Abaddon has kidnapped and used as bait, leaving Kevin alone in the bunker. The prophet is back, and he’s not the chill geek we’ve seen in the past. No sir, Kevin Tran has a dark side, and we see it in “Devil May Care” in which Tran literally beats up the King of Hell. I feel for Tran, who is so clearly suffering because of the loss of his mother, and Crowley, well, Crowley is the bad guy I love to hate. For a second, I thought Kevin might actually off the demon, and that made me a little sad inside.

Crowley seems to enjoy this a bit too much.
Crowley seems to enjoy this a bit too much.

In an abandoned town in Oregon, the Winchesters face Abaddon and her band of demon groupies. They rescue the two hunters–one being a young pretty girl and I can’t help but hope she’ll meet the Prophet and sparks will fly–and discover that Abaddon tortured one of the hunters for information and locations. It looks like a losing battle, until Ezekiel, the resident angel inside of Sam’s head, decides to show up and smite the evil motherf**kers. Well, kind of. He uses Ruby’s knife instead of his angelic mojo.

Sam, you're angel is showing.
Sam, your angel is showing.

What this Episode Reveals about the Winchesters:

The Winchester Family Drama is taking a front seat this season. Dean is keeping secrets from Sam (that’s going to end well, just like it always has in the past). Ezekiel, or Zeke, seems to have good intentions for the brothers, but if we know anything about the angels, there is always an ulterior motive. Unless your name is Castiel. And then you’re just adorable, even when you break everything you touch. But I digress.

The most significant thing we learn about the Winchesters in this episode is that they’re slowly building up their family. The Winchesters aren’t just Sam and Dean anymore. By Dean’s own admission, Cas and Kevin are family now too.

If that doesn’t make you “awww” just a little bit, you’re inhuman and should be dumped into a vat of holy water immediately.

The Big Picture:

Abaddon is a knight of hell intent on becoming Queen. She’s also threatened to turn Dean into her vessel. This season has reminded me of season 5 in many ways, and I’m wondering if the tables are going to turn this season so Sam and Dean are playing the same tune, but in opposing keys.

We have also seen what Ezekiel can do now, and Sam says that he feels “happy with [his] life for the first time in forever.” That’s a good thing, right? I’m not so sure. I think the day may come when Sam wants the angel evicted, and Zeke may be a little less-than-eager to go. (Best case scenario: Zeke returns to Tahmoh Penikett’s body and we get to keep him around for another season.)

But most importantly, we’ve seen that Ezekiel-as-Sam possesses the Angelic Bitchface, which essentially Sam’s Bitchface #3, but with better posture.

In conclusion, I’d go out with Dean for ice cream and strippers. Just sayin.

Until next Wednesday, my fellow hunters.

-The Collectress

*Disclaimer: All images and film clips used in this post belong to their respective creators and the CW network. I don’t own them, but boy, do I like to stare at ’em. 


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