Fanfic Wednesday: “All Bets Are Off”

Hello, shippers, it’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another fic rec from your dear Collectress. Now, I must send a few apologies out because–*le gasp*–I’ve only read one new fic this week. I could offer my excuses, but, the truth is, I just didn’t have time to read that much. Oops. Anyway, this week we’re going to sail the Merthur ship, one of my personal favs.

Can't help but ship this.
Can’t help but ship this.

Title: All Bets Are Off

Read it here

Author: Magnolia882         Word Count: 22,525

Pairing: Merlin/Arthur        Warnings: So NSFW

The Premise

This is the author’s summary: Merlin has been in a series of failed relationships since uni, and Arthur has been a slag for just as long. After Merlin’s most recent breakup, Arthur bets he can stay in a relationship longer than Merlin can stay single. Neither of them suspects their little bet will backfire so spectacularly–or open up so many possibilities. 

My Thoughts

This isn’t my usual style of fanfic, but slap the Merlin/Arthur tag on anything and I’ll probably read it. It’s a modern AU, definitely non-magical, and Merlin is out and proud. The story, to me, reads more like an episode of Sex and the City than anything else. It’s fairly fluffy, oh so smutty, and the Merlin/Arthur relationship is as complicated as ever.

The plot was a bit overworked. I didn’t really understand the terms of the bet (or why the characters would agree to them), but the competitive nature of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship brings humorous hi-jinks and webs of lies into the story. As I said, this isn’t my usual cup o’ tea, but I did enjoy it. Merlin was definitely a bit OOC (unsurprising since it’s an AU) but I found that I didn’t care because he brought such humor to the story. Arthur, for the most part, is a prat, but he has a few truly lovable moments that redeem him.

My Rating

I give this one a solid B. It was an enjoyable read, but I felt the plot was a bit stretched in relation to the bet. Read if you’re looking for smut with a bit of fluff thrown in.

Until next week, then.

Shipfully yours,

-The Collectress

Disclaimer: I own no images or any rights to Merlin. 

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