Geek Chic: Supernatural Femme!Dean Cosplay for J2 BurCon

I am admittedly not much of a cosplayer. This is not because I don’t LURV cosplay, but I don’t really look like the girls in the movies, I don’t have a lot of frivolous spending money to just go costuming, and I am a bit of a perfectionist. That’s why, when I decided to work on a femme!Dean Winchester cosplay for the J2 Burbank Convention, I was nervous but kind of excited because Dean is just so simple. Jeans and a t-shirt, a flannel and a shitload of weapons, that’s my boy. Half of that stuff I have in my closet already, but in cosplay, it is the little details that make the outfit authentic. I’ve decided that I will represent Dean’s signature tee and flannel look. Since November in California isn’t terribly cold, I’m not going to worry about the leather jacket, instead, I’m going for the Destiel look, with a special printed “I Wuv Cas” shirt, the epic handprint (drawn on), plus a slew of adorable accessories to compliment an otherwise fairly normal tee shirt, boots and denim ensemble.

I am currently putting together my Supernatural Con outfit and I need your help, Collectors. I’ve decided on a few key items, but after that, I am open to suggestion. The con is at the end of November, I am poor and I don’t want to ignore the fact that I am a voluptuous and feminine woman, so those are my criteria. Here are my ideas.


The Collectiva Diva

My inspiration.
My inspiration.

The Clothes

My outfit will definitely include this adorable shirt. As soon as I found it, I knew Jensen needed to see me in this.

$20 BlueFoxGraphix

i weally do wuv Cas.
i weally do wuv Cas.

If I go the denim skirt route, this length color and style will be what I chose. I love the idea of wearing really high boots with this adorable short skirt.

$28 Torrid

Deconstructed denim.
Deconstructed denim.

Jeans are always a good idea to buy. Dean is always in denim, but if I go in that direction, I won’t buy the high boots. Le sigh.

$58.50 Torrid

Dark blue jeans to add to the repertoire.
Dark blue jeans to add to the repertoire.

I need plaid but I dislike the “lumberjack look” a whole lot. Except on Sam and Dean. Then, it’s hot.

$23 Target Stores

Red suits me.
Red suits me.

The Shoes

These are the tall boots if I go with the skirt. Cuuuute!

$60 Payless Shoe Source

Might as well get 'em.
Might as well get ’em.

These combat boots might fit the jeans better than the tall boots.


Love the double buckle on these.
Love the double buckle on these.

The Accessories

Just so YOU know this is what I ship.

Women’s Boy Brief-Destiel, $18, Cafepress

Get outta my ass, Cas.
Get outta my ass, Cas.

On to the details, the cosplayer’s bestest friend.

$6 Supernatural Tattoos 14too on Etsy

A must have for Dean.
A must have for Dean.

$6, JinxyJewels on Etsy

Dean's Samulet.
Dean’s Samulet.

Can’t forget Dean’s baby, the Impala.

$20 GraphicCentral on Etsy 


Hunters Helper Flask, $20, Cafepress

Holy Water, sprinkle, repeat.
Holy Water, sprinkle, repeat.

Supernatural Protection Charm, $7, JoanysTreasures on Etsy

Rock salt, to keep the big bads out.
Rock salt, to keep the big bads out.

The Weapons

Ruby’s Knife, $22, HayesReplicas on Etsy (sold out!)

Ruby's knife.
Ruby’s knife.

The Colt, $59, HayesReplicas on Etsy

The Colt kills.
The Colt kills.


  1. Jamie McMahan

    Thanks so much for such incredible ideas! I’m going to SPN Nashcon in February and was looking for non-conventional ideas. Just curious, what are you doing with your hair? Thanks!

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