Supernatural Season 3: “No Rest for the Wicked”

For me, season 3 is where the show went from good to great. As we countdown the days to season 9 (only 5 days now, folks!), I’m seeing so many connections between the early seasons and where the Winchesters are at now. Now, in my opinion, the best episode of season 3 is the last one: “No Rest for the Wicked.”



S03xE16 AKA the First Time Supernatural Broke My Heart

Dean’s Best Line:

“Sammy, all I’m saying is that you’re my weak spot. You are. And I’m yours.”

Sam’s Best Line:

“No. No. Dean.”



In the season 3 finale, Dean’s expiration date draws closer. The boys have not yet found a way to break Dean’s contract with Lillith, and if they don’t find something soon, the hellhounds are going to drag the elder Winchester straight to hell. After tricking Ruby and gaining possession of her knife, the boys and Bobby decide to go after Lillith with all guns blazing (metaphorically of course). This is the episode that broke the heart of viewers everywhere and left everyone screaming, “What the hell happened!” over the course of the hiatus.

What this Episode Reveals about the Winchesters:

What doesn’t this episode reveal about the Winchesters? We already know that Sam and Dean are willing to do anything to keep each other safe, but the first time I saw this episode I remember thinking, “Holy crap, Dean is all grown up.” We’ve seen snarky Dean and angry Dean and goofy Dean and hunter Dean, but in this episode we see serious Dean. When Dean tells Sammy that he will go to hell for him, Sammy doesn’t argue. Well, he does at first, but by the end of the episode, Sam sees the most serious side of his big brother that he’s ever seen, and when those giant tears start to fall at the end, we know that Sam feels guilt in every inch of him for Dean’s sacrifice. In Dean we also see no fear. He’s moved into the acceptance stage and Dean shows it in the moments where Sam isn’t really paying attention, such as the scene when the brothers sing Bon Jovi together in the Impala (which, by the way, is a great example of the Winchester boys letting music say what they can’t…but more on that in a future post).

Notice Dean’s facial expression at the end of this scene. There’s contentment: he’s with his brother in the Impala, singing Bon Jovi. That’s how he wants to spend his last hours on Earth. There’s also a twinge of sadness, because this could be the last time he sings, with his brother, in the Impala. But there is no fear. He made the choice and now he’s going out on his own terms. But at least he gets to go out with a killer soundtrack and his brother at this side.

Man, if that doesn’t sucker punch you in the feels, I don’t know what will.

The Big Picture:

Kripke and Singer are good at what they do. They lay the groundwork for plotlines that will affect our protagonists up into the current season. (1) Sam’s psychic abilities. We know now why Sam had said abilities, but at this point in time, he’s only concerned with using them to save his brother. If he can. (2) Ruby is a manipulative twat, but she does make sure that Sam knows that he is potentially more powerful than Lillith. (3) The fulfillment of Dean’s contract (and the horrendous cliffhanger that followed) paved the way for one bad ass angel in a trenchcoat. The finale of season 3 is probably the most traumatizing of any SPN finale so far, but damn, if that episode doesn’t make me want to sit and watch all the way to the end of season 8 again, just to see how freaking detailed Kripke and Singer were in the early seasons. If you haven’t watched the first few seasons lately, let me urge you to do so now. There is only one word that will be echoing through your head as you watch: foreshadowing.

My Favorite Scene:

I’m an avid lover of angsty writing, and that final scene with Dean and Sam just about broke my tear ducts. Sam’s earnest sobbing makes me want to go call my big brother every time I watch it, just to make sure he hasn’t been taken by a hellhound.

-The Collectress