Supernatural Season 2: “Roadkill”

Caprica, why are you on Supernatural?
Caprica, why are you on Supernatural?


S02xE16 AKA the One with the Chick from Battlestar Galactica

Dean’s Best Line:

“Follow the creepy brick road.”

Sam’s Best Line:

“Guess that’s why we all hold on to life so hard, even the dead. Fear of the unknown.”


A woman, Molly, (Tricia Helfer) and her husband crash their car late one night, killing a man who was standing in the middle of the road. Molly awakens to find her husband missing and the man from the road covered in blood and very, very pissed off. Sam and Dean are on the hunt to put this vengeful ghost to rest, and to help Molly come to terms with her own death, and the fact that she’s been haunting the highway for the past fifteen years.

What this Episode Reveals about the Winchesters:

At this point in the series, Dean assumes than anything supernatural is evil and therefore must be obliterated. When he meets Molly, however, he begins to realize that not all supernatural beings are evil; in Molly’s case, her “unfinished business” is that she can’t move on until she says goodbye to her husband, the love of her life. This episode marks the beginning of Dean’s change of heart, and by the time season 4 (and Castiel) comes around, he’s more open minded to the good-natured supernaturals. Sam, on the other hand, is shown to be the more compassionate and open-minded of the two brothers, but as we see in later seasons, Sam toughens up. By season 8, he has adopted a similar attitude to what Dean had in season 2 (especially regarding Benny the vampire).

The Big Picture:

Some big questions are asked in this episode. Molly asks the Winchesters, “Where do we go after death?” To which the boys have no clear answer. To me, this is where the show gets bigger than it had ever been before. To this point, the series had followed simpler episodic plots with one over-arching plot of revenge against Yellow-Eyes. By bringing in the big metaphysical questions, Supernatural sets itself up to become much, much more than the adventures of two demon-hunting brothers (although that by itself made the show pretty great). At this moment in the series, Sam tells Dean that it doesn’t matter where they go after death, because it’s the hope that there is something better that makes the difference. But we all know that by the end of season 3, Sam is proven very, very wrong.

My Favorite Scene:

It was nice to see Tricia Helfer out of her Cylon red dress and into something a bit more human. Her final scenes in the episode were my favorite, because her innocent yearning for her husband pushes Dean to question what he really knows and understands about the afterlife.

-The Collectress