Meme Monday–Time Off For Good Behavior: The Collective Will Return October 1

Happy Red Pants Monday, Collectors!  

Here at the Collective, we pride ourselves on our disturbing fandom obsessions. Still, even high functioning sociopaths (do your research) need some time off to prepare for all the awesome things planned for Autumn. We are gearing up for the best of Fall–a Supernatural season 9 premiere AND the Burbank J2 Con (ermergerd!), the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, the last installment of the Divergent book series, Thor: Dark World, Catching Fire, the Smauglock, errr, Hobbit film and with it, a Martin Freeman frenzy and some serious Johnlock shipping.

Ok. Breathe.


I’m totally geeking out right now.

While we have a few really great things in the works for you all, we plan to take a week off blogging to work on future posts. I’m especially looking forward to sharing Favorite Smutty Destiel FanFic Picks and Tunes to Ship Destiel By, exploring Doctor Who Companion Envy, and Seriously Scary Cosplay, plus, a look at 2 Dueling Perspectives on Star Trek: Into Darkness and an exploration of the character “Khan”.

So–get ready for new content, old favorites and a Collective look at all things geek.

If you get bored, break the glass and/or check out our Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. We will see you soon.

The Collective Team



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