Dexter Goes Out Like a Bearded Gangster


Let’s all take a moment of silence for the end to one of the best shows on television.

Okay, now…Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!?? WHAAAAT THE FUCK!!!??? Dexter series finale, “Remember the Monsters” reminded us that Dexter is still a BAMF, still a killer, and not likely to fit into society no matter who is by his side. Was it sappy? A bit, yes. I didn’t get the chance to watch the show as it premiered, and so I was left wondering why my cohort warned me to “have a box of kleenex handy” as I enjoyed this last installment of Showtime’s Dexter. Well, I’m not wondering any longer, now am I? This episode had me all over the place emotionally. The fact that Saxon got away at the end of the last episode top on my list of “fuck no” moments, not only because he gut-shot Deb, but because of him and stupid Elway, Dexter, Harrison and Hannah didn’t get on that original flight to Argentina. With Deb in the hospital, Dexter decides to go to her side and they proceed to hold the last conversation they will ever have. Deborah says she is sorry for ruining Dexter’s life, Dexter says it was all his fault and then flashes back to the moment he and Deb met Harrison right after he was born in the very same hospital Deb seems to be dying in. It is a sobering moment to see Deb before she knew about Dexter’s “dark passenger.” She looks so happy and innocent, and audiences are reminded that yes, her life did change for the worse when she found out about Dexter’s killing tendencies. Still, we can’t hate Dexter. He has grown so much over the series, made mistakes and tried to remedy them, but good intentions don’t erase the fact that there have been more than a few innocent people who died to keep his secret safe.

Deborah Morgan, she stood by her brother when no one else would.
Deborah Morgan, she stood by her brother when no one else would.

In the meantime, Saxon/Vogel is busy stealing cars and storming vet clinics, looking to get stitched up enough to go to the hospital and finish the job with Deb. By this point, I only want to see Saxon pay for his crimes, either by Dexter’s hand or by getting arrested. Dexter has told Hannah to take Harrison, get on a bus and head out of Miami. Sounds legit. Due to Hurricane Laura and the fact that she is a wanted criminal with Elway hot on her trail, Hannah can’t exactly get onto a plane and fly out of the States as easily as we had hoped. But we knew it wasn’t going to be easy with Hannah, didn’t we?

Elway remains a douche til the bitter end.
Elway remains a douche til the bitter end.

Audiences have invested enough time in this show to know that, when Harrison tells his father he loves Hannah, it is heartwarming yet foreshadows the devastating events to come. Dexter has stayed behind while Hannah and Harrison head toward Jacksonville with the refugees bussing out of coastal areas. Elway has already mentioned he has contacts all over, so when we see him sitting in the seat next to her on the bus, I don’t think audiences are surprised. What is undeniably awesome about this scene is the fact that a) Harrison is asleep and still has no idea that his daddy and new mommy are the murderous types and b) Hannah has one of Dexter’s needles, shoots up Elway with a horse tranquilizer and gets off the bus. She’s free! This makes me happy. Still, Saxon/Vogel is running around Miami and Dexter isn’t having it, so he stays behind to find and kill Saxon/Vogel, who must know he is toast by this time.  When Dexter confronts Saxon/Vogel in the hospital, he has his kill-face on and I kind of hoped he might just take the kill right then and there. Nope. As the two serial killers stare each other down outside of Deb’s hospital room, Bautista comes up behind Saxon/Vogel, puts a gun to his head and arrests the guy. Ok, so then justice is served. Sort of. But, when we, along with Dexter, see poor Quinn crying sloppily, we know that things are not looking so good for Deborah Morgan. In the time it took Dexter to get his family out of town, Deb developed a blood clot and with it, irreparable brain damage, basically becoming a vegetable because of complications with the gunshot wound she suffered at Saxon/Vogel’s hand. This does not bode well for Saxon/Vogel, because we all know that more than a justified “Harry’s Code” killing, Dexter thrives on a good revenge kill.

Don't fuck with Dexter's family.
Don’t fuck with Dexter’s family.

With Saxon/Vogel at the police station, Hannah and Harrison safe and away from Miami, and Deb on life support at the hospital, it seems that loose ends are tying up neatly. Ummmm, no. We all knew Dexter wasn’t going to give up his last kill, right? The way he handles this murdering SoB is brilliant, and has to be the best kill set up that I’ve seen on Dexter in a while. The sly and sneaky Saxon/Vogel isn’t copping to the murders of his mother or Deb, asks for a lawyer and pretty much infuriates not only Quinn, who jumps up and goes after the guys’s neck, but Dexter, who is watching behind the one-way glass. Seems as if Dexter is formulating a plan, hmmm? So, when Dex dons his Miami Metro nametag and forensics bag one last time, my little heart skipped a beat, hoping beyond words that Saxon/Vogel was about to get his comeuppance. Dexter smoothly enters into the holding cell and begins tell Saxon/Vogel about all that Dexter has lost over the years. Saxon/Vogel asks Dexter if he came to whine and Dexter says, nope, to kill your punk ass with a pen. Saxon/Vogel, who can’t tell when he’s being set up by Miami’s most notorious serial killer, reaches for the pen and stabs Dexter in the shoulder with it. Dexter, being the BAMF that he is, proceeds to take the pen out of his shoulder and stabs it straight into Saxon’Vogel’s jugular. He bleeds out in seconds and Dexter pleads self-defense. Luckily, Quinn isn’t that much of a moron, has Dex’s back, and then Dexter proceeds to break all the feels I have left in a matter of 5 minutes.

Ahoy, Captain! Those are some murky waters, you're in, Dex.
Ahoy, Captain! Those are some murky waters, you’re in, Dex.

Apparently, Dexter didn’t sell his boat. During the melee of the storm, Dexter manages to get into Deb’s hospital room, where he proceeds to turn off her life support. She breathes on her own for a few seconds and then flatlines, leaving Dex alone, at last. Wearing his kill suit–thermal, black pants and no morals–he heads to his boat with her body. Is he going to throw her into the ocean!? Yup. He tosses her body into the ocean, talks to Hannah briefly on the phone and then sails off into the oncoming storm. TO DIE.

Cut to an undetermined amount of time later. Long enough for facial hair to grow. We see a familiar face with a full (red?) beard. It is Dexter, hauling lumber and looking very woodsey. He doesn’t speak, there is no inner monologue. In fact, the series ends with Dex sitting alone at a table in an undisclosed location, silently staring into the camera. END SCENE.

The tragedy is that Dexter’s new code seems to be “Don’t talk to anyone.” It is a sad change from the Dexter we came to know and love throughout the past few years, as we watched him learn how to function as a quasi-normal adult. In a world that should have rejected him, Dexter developed important and lasting relationships, even though no one who watched him grow up (Harry, Dr. Vogel) thought that he was capable of love or friendship. Seeing Dexter sitting alone, no Harrison, no Hannah, no Deb, no Harry–it is a sad ending to the show that reverts Dex back to the one thing we never saw him as–a lone wolf, serial killer with no one to care about and no one who cares for him.

Goodbye, Dexter Morgan.

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