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I declare today Rose Tyler day. Why? Because I can. My Collective colleague is a die-hard ElevenxRiver shipper, but I have been, and always will be TenxRose. But that’s not the point of this post, nope. Today I shall be discussing how truly bad-ass Rose Tyler is by examining some of her most awesome moments throughout her time with the Doctor.

So here they are, according to my most expert opinion: Rose Tyler’s Top 5 Most Bad-Ass Moments

#5. Rose Destroys the Nestene Consciousness

From the Doctor’s first word to her, “Run,” Rose Tyler exhibits fierceness. Since the beginning, Rose is a determined woman, and no matter how big or scary the monster, she’s not running away unless the Doctor makes her, and even then she always comes back. Only a few days after she meets the Doctor, she saves his life using her impeccable gymnastic skills to destroy the Nestene Consciousness. Now, what I love most about Rose is not her love story with the Doctor (although it’s all kinds of adorbs) but that she is a normal girl with nothing extraordinary about her, except that she is as faithful as a person can be, which she showed from her first moments with the 9th Doctor. I think this is ultimately why he asks her to be a companion.

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#4. Rose Faces Down the Devil

The Satan Pit might just be my favorite episode of DW. Ever. This is the episode where we see both the Doctor and Rose stare hell in the face (quite literally) and they are forced to rely on faith. For the Doctor, faith isn’t something he uses or believes in. He does logic and facts and data, so to be face-to-face with the Devil pushes him philosophically and spiritually. We’ve never seen these boundaries tested before, and the Doctor essentially says “the only thing I believe in is Rose.” He trusts Rose to save him from a black hole and the goddamn devil, and she does. She once again exhibits that bad-ass faithfulness to the Doctor by refusing to accept that he’s dead. So after the Doctor’s big bravado speech about his faith in Rose, she reciprocates that faith by getting the Devil sucked into a f**king black hole. 

I’m not implying anything about the other companions, but Rose f**king killed the Devil. (Yes, the Doctor helped too.)

#3. Rose Walks When Everyone Else Runs

Watch the first minute of that Youtube clip from The Stolen Earth. What do you see? A planet being invaded by Daleks, people panicking, and Rose Tyler, walking down the street with big f**king gun. Buildings are exploding, people are screaming, and Rose’s facial expression very clearly says, “Yes, I am a bad-ass. Now f**k off, Daleks.”

If the Devil didn’t scare her, no Dalek is going to either.

#2. Rose Saves the Most Important Woman in All of Creation

Donna Noble, the most important woman in all of creation, is saved by Rose Tyler. Rose, after being trapped in Pete’s World for several years, manages to hop across universes until she finds the exact one that has been created around Donna. Her bad-assness in Turn Left is shown as she explains Time Lord technology to Donna. My favorite scene, however, is the one where she sits down and has a heart-to-heart with Donna Noble. This is a Rose Tyler who has a plan to save every universe, and by god she isn’t letting Donna walk away until she’s convinced her of that. Yes, folks, Rose Tyler went head-to-head with Donna’s stubborness.

#1. The Bad Wolf

You had to know this one was going to be #1. Bad Wolf is the most bad ass that a bad-ass has ever been.

I think that sometimes people forget how f**king awesome the Bad Wolf is because of the attention that the 9/Rose kiss gets. But let’s think about what the Bad Wolf is: the Bad Wolf is a god. Rose Tyler has absorbed the Time Vortex into her brain and has essentially become all of time and space. That’s an incredible amount of power that she has at her disposal, and anyone else may have used it to severely change history to their favor. Not Rose. Rose the ever-faithful goes straight to save the Doctor. She looks the Supreme Dalek straight in the eye, says, “You are tiny,” and splits him atom by atom. She raises Captain Jack from the dead and makes him immortal. She destroys the Dalek Empire with the power of her mind. And in the most bad-ass moment ever, she gives all the power back. She becomes a god to save her Doctor, but never wants to be more than the woman who runs with him.

So there you have it, the bad-ass Rose Tyler.

-The Collectress

Note: This post has been edited & updated 30/07/2014.